Bearhug Bears For Adoption


A Bearhug Bear Is Born

Every Bearhug Bear comes with a Birth Certificate. Owners have the privilege of naming and "registering" their bears in its own birth certificate.

Calming Turquoise

Bracelet (220mm)
These pieces are made from turquoise. Simply love the versatility of turquoise for day-to-day wear.


Adopt a Bearhug Bear


From time to time, there will be bears put up for "adoption" (like the one you see here). These bears are lovingly created from specially selected brand new fabrics and each bear is One-Of-A-Kind. These bears are priced from RM78 each, depending on the fabric used.


Children's Cakes & Cupcakes

Alice in Wonderland (April 2011)

Yellow Daisies (July 2011)

Little League Soccer (July 2011)

Chelsea (July 2011)

Miniature Poodles (May 2011)

Pocoyo & Friends (May 2011)

Baby Dino (May 2011)

Lightning McQueen (April 2011)

12th Golden Birthday (April 2011)

Scoop (Bob The Builder) & Ballerina (April 2011)

The Kebun Farmstay (April 2011)

Rock Concert (March 2011)

Locked Up (March 2011)

Ocean 2-Tier (March 2011)

How To Train Your Dragon (March 2011)

Rapunzel (February 2011)

Pearl Drums (January 2011)

Under The Sea (January 2011)

Hollywood Glam (January 2011)

Circus Tent (December 2010) Carnival No.1 (December 2010) Shaun The Sheep (December 2010)

Pororo & Friends (December 2010)

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse (November 2010)

Race Cars (November 2010)

Cinderella's Castle (2006)

Toy Blocks 2 (October 2010)

Pocoyo (October 2010)

Fairies at Home (September 2010)

Mini Sundaes with Assorted Sprinkles (September 2010)

Dibo the Gift Dragon (September 2010)

Barnyard & Animals 2 (September 2010)

Minnie Mouse (July 2010)

Alice in Wonderland (July 2010) Flower Fairy Mini Cake (July 2010) Taekwondo (July 2010) Wicked Witch & Bubbling Cauldron (July 2010)

12th Birthday Cupcakes in Marble (July 2010)

Boys & Girl Chocolate Chip Butter Cupcakes (July 2010)

Chocolate-Strawberry Chocolate Chip Cupcakes for a Sleepover (July 2010)

Chocolate-Strawberry Chocolate Chips Cupcakes for a Tea Party (July 2010)

Farm & Barnyard Animals (July 2010)

Screaming Babies in Coffee (2010)

Chocolate Ladybugs & Bumblebees (2010)

Chocolate & Butter Cupcakes of Children Faces (2010)

Chocolate & Butter Cupcakes with Pocoyo & Friends (May 2010)

Buzz Lightyear in Lemon Cake (May 2010)

1st Birthday Stacking Toy Blocks in Healthy Banana Cake (May 2010)

Mini Daisy Cupcakes with Birthday Girl (April 2010)

Monkey Cupcakes in Chocolate (May 2010)

Pink & Lavender Girlie Cupcakes (January 2010)

Children Faces Mini Cupcakes (2009)

Soccer & Rugby Pitch in Vanilla & Chocolate Fudge (March 2010) Chelsea & England Rugby Jersey (March 2010)

Rainbow Cake (August 2009)

A Christmas Carol Popcorn Cake (December 2009)

Poodle Cake in Lemon & White Coffee (December 2009)

Clowns for a 1st Birthday (September 2009)

Treasure Chest of Vanilla & Chocolate Cake (November 2009)

Teddy Bear Face Cupcakes (2006)

Smarties No.6 Chocolate (2009)

Ferrero Spiders on Choc Fudge (2008)

A Pool Party on a Marble Cake (2007)

Barbie Princess with a Chocolate Cake Skirt (2006)

Tree Marble Cake (2008)

Ultraman Cake (2006)

Yellow Ranger Cake (2006)

Rocket Butter Cake (2006)

Mermaid Cake (2006)

Hundreds & Thousands Cupcakes (2008)

Marble Fudge Cupcakes with Teddies & Fairy Sprinkles (2009)

Hopscotch on a Chocolate Cake (2007)

Soccer Player Toppers on a Chocolate Cake (2008)

Dino Island on Chocolate Fudge Cake (2007)

Sugar Daisies Chocolate Cake (2006)

Marshmallow Bouquet Cupcakes in Chocolate Mud (2005)

Spiderman Cupcakes in Butter (2009)

Disney Princess Cupcakes in Butter (2009)

Green Caterpillar from Marble Cake (September 2009)

Candy Pit on a Chocolate Cake (2006)

M&M and Smarties on Chocolate Cake (2006)

M&M Daisy Cupcakes in Butter (2006)

Clown Cupcake in Vanilla Butter (2009)

Boy & Girl Smileys in Butter & Chocolate (2009)

Belle & The Beast Topper on Marble Cake (2006)