Rocking into the 8th!!!

Hah!! Another "blank canvas" for me to play with! Well, partly blank-lah. Two weeks ago, the early-planning Claire's mummy ordered 40 cupcakes for her school celebration and hinted that she loves Taylor Swift. Great! Apart from guitars and some cool pairs of boots, I was thinking of ordering a couple of edible prints with Taylor Swift on it. So, it would have been pretty much a fan kinda bunch of cupcakes UNTIL....mummy checked with the birthday girl about highlighting Taylor Swift. The young lady said "NO! The boys may laugh at me!". So, mummy said to just do a simple music theme with notes etc. Yaaaawwn.....
Seriously, I didn't start thinking what "music theme" was going to be until a day before I had to bake those chocolate cupcakes. The best ideas seem to always pop into my head at the very last minute, very dangerous... Nevertheless, I like Taylor Swift. She's all-American pretty and writes some pretty good songs for the kids. How? Silhouettes, of course! And there we have it, the shadowy female guitarist(s) and her adoring fans...

And, an extra order of Lemon Poppyseed Cupcakes to go for the kind neighbour.


10th Year Milestone?

I'm a historical saga buff and love the juicy bits that goes on behind the courts of King Henry or the drama during the War of the Roses. So, can you blame me for thinking of The Tower when I got the free reins (wohoo!!) to come up with a Chocolate Fudge Cake for a young squire turning 10 this week? Inspired by Debbie B (cake designer extrodinaire), I chose to do this as also a reminder to us mums that our boys are growing up and that we should start letting them out of our (tight) grip ..snif, snif... Do you know that by 10 during those days, boys would already know how to joust? And our 10 year olds can't even cross the road without us screaming "look left!! no! look right!!" Gosh...we mums.
This small chocolate cake with chocolate fudge filling came up to 1.8kg! That's a lot of fudge there...


By the way...

Forgot these...the host of the earlier 1st birthday party is a doll for remembering 4 other people who's sharing the same birthday as her son. Since they were expected to attend the party, she wanted a cupcake for each of them to share the birthday joy. Isn't she sweet?? I made miniature birthday cakes to top these cupcakes with a tiny candle each.

Ocean 1

This 1st Birthday cake was a joy to design (as was with all the 1st birthdays I've done so far). The one other time I did an under-the-sea theme was for a little girl and that set of cupcakes had a girlier tone to them. So, this time I butched it (doing away bows and lashes ;-))and adopted a dolphin for young Ayden. The 2-tier Lemon Poppyseed Cake finished weighing 2.5kg.

Donnie the Dolphin attempting to help the birthday boy blow out the candle.

Ozzie the Octopus takes his place on the bottom tier.

Cowie the Crab and Sammie the Seahorse fool around the reefs with two mateys.
The back of the cake's just as busy with starfishes, jellyfishes,
school of fishies and more sea anemones.

Traditional 80th Birthday

Gosh, what a week! I had an order for 400 cupcakes featuring the traditional Chinese symbols of longevity - The "Shou" character and the Longevity Peach. These were for an 80th grand birthday celebration in Kuala Pilah. Note to self: Don't do mass order again.. I was bored out of my skull baking and topping them off (not to mention spending a couple of days cutting 200 of the chinese character and hand-making 200 peaches!). No joke when you're flying solo.
Lesson learnt... MOTH 1 GODDESS 0.


How To Train Your Dragon

Apparently this little laddie loves "How To Train Your Dragon"! Who doesn't? It's such a hilarious yet, heart-warming movie. Because this little man is only turning 1, I didn't really want to re-create the same dragons in the movie. Too dark coloured and very sharp teeth....nah. So I decided to make brightly-coloured baby dragons. I hadn't been able to really laugh the past week and these little fellas made me laugh. I had to give each and every one of them a character of its own and they turned out awfully cute. First, let me introduce....

the Dragon Hunter.

Then, we have a variety of the Chinese dragon,

...the little green baby dragon learning how to fly,


...forever-tail-hugging Dopey 2,

...the crumpled-horn dragon and

Mr.Identity Crisis.
Oh, I forgot to get a shot of the newly-hatched purple dragon with its pacifier! Never mind that, you can see it in the main photo above. I also had spotted dragon eggs on the rest of the Brownie Cupcakes - filled with assorted chocs. Happy Birthday Samer!

Mini Birthday Treats

Simple butter mini cupcakes topped with buttercream from the kids and grandkids to celebrate the patriach's 64th birthday.