Ocean 1

This 1st Birthday cake was a joy to design (as was with all the 1st birthdays I've done so far). The one other time I did an under-the-sea theme was for a little girl and that set of cupcakes had a girlier tone to them. So, this time I butched it (doing away bows and lashes ;-))and adopted a dolphin for young Ayden. The 2-tier Lemon Poppyseed Cake finished weighing 2.5kg.

Donnie the Dolphin attempting to help the birthday boy blow out the candle.

Ozzie the Octopus takes his place on the bottom tier.

Cowie the Crab and Sammie the Seahorse fool around the reefs with two mateys.
The back of the cake's just as busy with starfishes, jellyfishes,
school of fishies and more sea anemones.

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