Just a quick and simple cake design for my 2-year old nephew who simply loves balls. Since majority of the guests were adults, we had a large Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese and this little ensemble of sport balls in Chocolate Cake (1kg), just for birthday formality....and pictures.

Lightning McQueen & Mater

Done quite a few McQueens but this is my first Tow Mater- Lightning McQueen's sidekick and best buddy. I loved that the rusty, burnt orange came out as I planned and the towing mechanism behind was spot on. Fun to finally be doing a different vehicle from that movie...the protagonist McQueen was getting on my nerves a bit. Both vehicles are completely cakes and the birthday boy's mum chose a simple Vanilla Butter Cake for him. Finished weighing a little over 3.2kg. 

From the top

These are few of my favourite things...

This little girl is such an earth angel...she loves rainbows (last year's cake) and, flowers and, butterflies and all things that make you smile and hum. Yes, I was humming The Sound of Music's My Favourite Things while making those daisies with multi-coloured Hundreds & Thousands centres with Little Miss. And the butterflies, that is a must - she LOVES butterflies. I had initially wanted to have one large flower with butterflies fluttering over it. Changed my mind though, after thinking it would look a little weird to have many butterflies going for just one flower. So, I decided to make a bouquet of daisies using the 5-petal cake pan. Lined the sides with probably over a hundred green stems made out of sugar paste and some 35 white daisies on it. This Butter Cake finished weighing just 1.8kg.