Cars vs Transformers

You see, it's all been either or when it comes to themes but when you get a fan of both Cars and Transformers, you'd try to do something that can bring them together - A race! Both are completely different thematically and to have them "work", there weren't any other way but to put them in a race. I wasn't going to do any Transformers sugar figures or turn McQueen into one (I balk at those Star-Wars-Transformers toys they came up with...). So, I chose the Camaro-Bumblebee to go side by side with Ford GT40-Pontiac Firebird-Corvette-Lightning McQueen on the tracks....well, both my cars shape alike from using the same cake pan ;-p

Top view of the 2.5kg Vanilla Chocolate Chip cakes.
Lightning McQueen



Mountain Biker

This 1.2kg Neopolitan cake was for the daddy of the earlier child with Lightning McQueen and Mickey & Minnie cakes. When your child has 2 cakes to mark his birthday (only a day apart), shouldn't the daddy get one, too? Well, yeah! This was just a small cake to not only commemorate his birthday but also his new pastime - mountain biking. Forgot the eyebrows when this picture was taken but rectified that this morning and he looked much better.

Mickey & Minnie

As far as I would go with Mickey & Minnie...cut-outs on the 15 mini-cupcakes and their infamous ears in 800gms of Neopolitan cake - my take on the marble with strawberry, chocolate and vanilla.


Lightning McQueen

My second Lightning McQueen with this 2.6kg Lemon Poppyseed Cake for 3-year old Jeun Yip. He's got a series of toons on this character which I never knew existed! I always thought there were just the 2 movies and a couple of short story books on this infamous car. Well, he loved the cake and I wouldn't have done this cake any other way. To simply highlight the car would be to plonk it on a brightly-coloured surface and dress it minimally. I have contemplated on doing scenes but that would call for a Cars-themed cake not a Lightning McQueen cake. So, maybe next time.

I re-designed the Cars logotype to incorporate the birthday boy's name and age.


Peter Rabbit

9-year old Divya Faith loves Peter Rabbit. Truth be told, I've almost forgotten of the existence of Beatrix Potter's classic The Tale of Peter Rabbit until now. The past two days saw me reminiscing over other, also popular stories, written and illustrated by Miss Potter like Jemima Puddle-duck, Benjamin Bunny, Tom Kitten and Miss Moppet. I vaguely remember the story of three girl rabbits - Mopsy, Flopsy, Cottontail and their brother Peter. And that Peter was a very mischievous rabbit who's always in trouble with Mr McGregor (whose garden he'd "thieve" from). For the cake, I wanted to reflect the little scenes of which Peter was involved in like sneaking into Mr McGregor's garden to eat vegetables till he was sick in the stomach, chased into hiding in the watering can after loosing his jacket and Peter's blue jacket hung up for a scarecrow.
You'll notice that I've made two extra characters that aren't directly involved in The Tale of Peter Rabbit - Benjamin Bunny, Peter's cousin in the brown jacket and Jemima Puddle-duck. I added them because I believe that they all crossed paths when they were living in Hill Top Farm. And that Divya will explore the other beautiful tales written by Miss Potter if she hasn't already!

Jemima Puddle-duck


Fondant Cakes

Had an order last weekend for a couple of cakes and boxes of cupcakes for no particular event. Just to be given away to friends...isn't that great? I was left to my own devices again and remembered Buddy Valastro's Fondant Cakes. Carlo's Bakery sells what they call Fondant Cakes. It's basically cake finished with fondant and decorated with floral cut-outs. They're simple but looks great. With the right family of colour contrasts, the cakes and cupcakes will look awesome. I chose to use baby blue as the base colour and a blue, deep red and light pink for the cut-outs...colours didn't turn out right in these pictures. The cakes were in various sizes and for this batch, I made the Oriental Sugee Cake and Dark Orange Chocolate Cupcakes. Both very decadent cakes.

Yellow Daisies

This post is so overdue.... I've kept the last two months easy and not taking in any cake orders just so I can sort out a couple of things in the homefront that are also long overdue. But I'm back now and August will be zooming past real quick (pun intended and you'll see why..) Back to these mini cupcakes. This is another of Little Miss' playmates when they were little and she's always been a "yellow" fan. Loves all things yellow then (had a yellow Power Ranger cake years ago) and still do. Mum wanted something simple in yellow for her school mates. So, I made a batch of yellow daisies and butterflies.