Fondant Cakes

Had an order last weekend for a couple of cakes and boxes of cupcakes for no particular event. Just to be given away to friends...isn't that great? I was left to my own devices again and remembered Buddy Valastro's Fondant Cakes. Carlo's Bakery sells what they call Fondant Cakes. It's basically cake finished with fondant and decorated with floral cut-outs. They're simple but looks great. With the right family of colour contrasts, the cakes and cupcakes will look awesome. I chose to use baby blue as the base colour and a blue, deep red and light pink for the cut-outs...colours didn't turn out right in these pictures. The cakes were in various sizes and for this batch, I made the Oriental Sugee Cake and Dark Orange Chocolate Cupcakes. Both very decadent cakes.

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