Finally! LIVERPOOL!!! After all the MU cakes I've done, the MOTH and Young Master were pleased to see the other Reds. These Vanilla Butter cupcakes were topped with buttercream 'grass' and all things a KOP will recognise. I especially enjoyed making Luis Suarez sliding on the grass (after scoring, of course!) to mark him signing with Liverpool this year. And of course the Barclay's cup...

No.7 Luis Suarez


Rapunzel was all I could think of given the very short notice for this 5-year old's birthday today. Her mum was listing Barney, Mickey Mouse & Friends and Tom&Jerry as her favourites and you know me.... *shaking head*. Just enough for 6 mouths, these two skirt-cakes weighed 850gms and is a special diet Chocolate (with whole strawberries) Cake. That meaning : eggless, gluten-free, dairy-free and nut-free.