Little League Soccer

Hard to believe that it's been 8 years since this ragazzo carino's madre and I were whispering to each other at a playgroup that we think we're pregnant! Little did we realise that we'd be exchanging baby clothes (her first-born was a girl, mine a boy and vice-versa for our number two), going through completely different pregnancies this time round, betting on who'll have the baby first (our children were born 9 days apart), ranting about our confinement ladies during the 1 month and subsequently lots of time together comparing notes about our children. They're all "grown" now and sadly, we hardly get the kids together anymore. Everyone's just occupied with one thing or another. Nonetheless, the affection we have for each other is still there and these children are like your own. So, baking and decorating this cake was very much like it was for one of my own. The 2.2kg Rich Chocolate cake was soccer-themed featuring the young man and his best mates in the team.

They recently won an under-10 tournament and I thought it was fitting to have the 3 boys hugging this giant football to show how much they love the sport!


8th Birthday with Chelsea FC

Little Miss' classmate turned 8 last weekend and his mum had way in advance been planning to have his birthday cake baked by yours truly. How sweet! Well, the young man's first request was for a "Kamen Rider"...clearly, none of us adults knew what it was. Young Master enlightened me and said that it was some Japanese group of heros or something along those lines. Errr...I have no affinity with such characters. His mum wasn't too keen on that either and gently steered him towards his other interest - football. And football it was.... Chelsea being his favourite team. This 2.1kg Devil's Food Cake - my less-sugar version of the chocolate cake went off very well with the kids and parents alike.

Fernando Torres was chosen as the highlighted player for the club cake.


Mini Cakes

By the time I remembered to photograph these mini fruit cakes, I've packaged them into their boxes. The wedding theme colour was white and silver, so these mini gift cakes were covered in white fondant and adorned simply with small white blossoms with miniature sugar pearls. The ribbons were provided for to coincide with the theme. I'd much prefer not to do these mini cakes in squares (2.5"x2.5") because it is awfully hard to cut them proportionately without a lot of wastage. I'm one not for any wastage of cake if possible. I've got a set of mini round tins for round mini cakes. Have yet to try them out, but will definitely do it soon to see if the cakes will turn out better.