Reversible Tote

Reversible Totes are simply practical for holidays! This idea caught up with me during a holiday recently in the Middle East. We had a mate who was showing up everyday with a different tote to match whatever she was wearing! Beautiful as they were, I cannot imagine the size of her luggage bag for that week-long trip! So, here I was again idling...

The possibilities are endless with reversible totes because of the choices of fabric you can have. This one for example has 2 colour schemes of the same print design (see above). And flip it inside out, there's plain good ol'blue. I also like the fact that the exuberant print peeps through from inside lending it a very cheeky character! I'm going out shopping for more fabrics!!

Mum-in-law's Hand Tote

My mum-in-law's always carrying a small paperbag instead of a handbag for her mahjong sessions, to the hairdresser or visits to the doctor! She says that it's inconspicious and wouldn't be a target for snatch thieves. Well, she has a good point but I still think it'll be nice if she'd carry this small inconspicious tote (size of her paperbag). I even made her a pocket inside for her reading glasses. Let's hope she'll like it. p/s: It's completely reversible, too!

Little Birthday Cakes

Marble Fudge Cuppies

Lemon Cuppies

Hundreds & Thousands Cuppies

Daisy Bouquet Cuppies


Great Bakes' Cake List

Good ol’ fashioned baked-from-scratch cakes for all occassions – breakfast, tea, coffee mornings, playgroups, parties or anytime you feel like a slice of goodness.

I personally bake all the cakes ("in a servantless home" as Julia Child wrote) and use premium ingredients. All imported ingredients are scrutinised, especially on its country of origin. I work in my well-ventilated home kitchen that upholds good hygiene, smoke-free, pets-free and creepy crawlies-free, too. As our family are organic produce and product consumers, I also bake organic cakes using only organic ingredients if possible and available in the market.

If you like your cakes like we do, yummy home-baked cakes as it is, we have a selection you’re sure to love…

+ devil's food chocolate cake
+ butter cake
+ marble cake
+ moist lemon cake
+ lemon poppyseed cake
+ vanilla cake
+ moist orange cake

Fondant (sugar paste)-covered and decorated cakes, starts at RM80 per kg (based on weight of the completed cake and on level of complexity of design)

For gourmet cakes as a base,  price starts at RM90 per kg.


Θ oriental sugee cake (Chinese New Year)
Θ traditional fruit cake (Christmas)

Great Bakes’ cakes aren’t limited to this list. If you remember a cake you used to love, baked by your mum, aunt, grandma or even a neighbour, I’d love to hear from you!

Little Miss' Sling Bag

This is what happens when you have extra fabric lying around and screaming cuteness!!

Personalise 'em

Fabric loot bags can be personalised for each child . You can easily add your little guests' name by writing them straight on to the fabric using markers or crayon specially for this. Just put a cardboard inside the bag, right under where you want it and write away. If you don't have the time (there's so much to do for a child's party no matter how small!), let me know. I like sewing on a name patch in contrasting colours like what you see here. The child's name will be written on felt (- a material 95%-made from discarded plastic water bottles) and hand stitched onto the bag. Kindly add a nominal fee of 80sen for each tag.

The Big Top Is In Town!


Well, kind of... These bright-coloured stripes remind me of the circus. Least the carnival-like kind you get to visualise from Enid Blyton books! And I love circus-themed parties for children. The magician, balloons, a circus-tent cake and these fabric loot bags to match. The size of this handheld loot bag is 8.5" x 8.5" x 3.5" (gusset). Available in 2 colours as seen here. Very limited quantities and may be sometime before I get hold of this fabric again.
RM25 for a set of 5 bags.
Availability: SOLD OUT


Fabric Loot Bags

In looking to reduce, recycle and reuse for my daughter's birthday party this year, I was inspired to giveaway earth-friendly loot bags. A quick survey in the market left me with little choice but to get my sewing machine out again. There were lots of plastic, cellophane, glossy paper and polyester loot bags. While these are reusable, they aren't bio-degradable (not even the glossy paper bag). Let's face it, they all will get "thrown away" at some point in time. While there isn't a place called "away", we know they pretty much end up in landfills. If they're going to be there, let them be at least bio-degradable. Yes, it's a very big goal but let's take a few small steps at a time. It's just about getting started.

Hence, fabric loot bags. They were a hit with those 10 children and the bags were being re-used almost instantly. What you see here is a simple shoulder tote for children - 12"(h) x9"(w) x1.5"(gusset) using a cheerfully-coloured 100% cotton fabric. The sides of the tote are reinforced (sewing) and machine-washable.