Great Bakes' Cake List

Good ol’ fashioned baked-from-scratch cakes for all occassions – breakfast, tea, coffee mornings, playgroups, parties or anytime you feel like a slice of goodness.

I personally bake all the cakes ("in a servantless home" as Julia Child wrote) and use premium ingredients. All imported ingredients are scrutinised, especially on its country of origin. I work in my well-ventilated home kitchen that upholds good hygiene, smoke-free, pets-free and creepy crawlies-free, too. As our family are organic produce and product consumers, I also bake organic cakes using only organic ingredients if possible and available in the market.

If you like your cakes like we do, yummy home-baked cakes as it is, we have a selection you’re sure to love…

+ devil's food chocolate cake
+ butter cake
+ marble cake
+ moist lemon cake
+ lemon poppyseed cake
+ vanilla cake
+ moist orange cake

Fondant (sugar paste)-covered and decorated cakes, starts at RM80 per kg (based on weight of the completed cake and on level of complexity of design)

For gourmet cakes as a base,  price starts at RM90 per kg.


Θ oriental sugee cake (Chinese New Year)
Θ traditional fruit cake (Christmas)

Great Bakes’ cakes aren’t limited to this list. If you remember a cake you used to love, baked by your mum, aunt, grandma or even a neighbour, I’d love to hear from you!

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