A Little Humour ...

Thought this cake would be appropriate for the newly-weds' casual wedding reception at Courtyard last Saturday - groom who only drinks Coke and bride who loves her booze!! This 3.8kg Chocolate Fudge cake was the main table's centrepiece and both loved the depiction of themselves. Apparently the scene repeated itself that night after the party!! Lol!

Cake viewed from the top.

The anxious groom.

The drunk bride.

Ivory & Gold - Table Wedding Cakes

These 6", 7" and cupcakes were designed following an ivory and gold (and white) colour theme for a casual wedding reception. A cake was placed on each table of 10 and 12 guests, as a centrepiece and as a self-serving wedding cake. Each cake weighed around 1kg plus. Flavours were Lemon Poppyseed, Chocolate, Butter, Marble, Lemon Blueberry and Chocolate Cherries.

Kay-Lee turns 1

Another 1st birthday with toy blocks in butter cake (2kg). This time round, I made alphabet blocks to spell out the birthday girl's name. Kinda stressed out when I only started covering the little square cakes (20 of them!!) at 10pm, the night before I leave for Beijing and hadn't packed at all.... Told the MOTH to remind me never to put myself through such timelines again. Nevertheless, I'm tickled that 1-year old Kay-Lee had her first taste of cake and it's from my oven!! Many more birthdays to come Kay-Lee!


Noah Turns 1

Mummy and Daddy decided on a Pocoyo-themed party for baby Noah's 1st birthday last weekend and it's always an honour for me to bake a child's 1st birthday cake. Pocoyo is absolutely cute and love him even more that he doesn't speak a lot (you'll appreciate that if you had my kids..)! It's an excellent programme for tots who's mostly visual at this age than really be able to listen to full conversations. Anyway, back to the cake - it's a small 2-tier marble cake graced by Pocoyo and his friends.
What started as Pocoyo walking about and whistling, I figured he'd be better off helping the birthday boy blow out that massive candle! The pink elephant was supposed to be standing until the wet weather brought her down to her knees, so she had to sit to be safe. But I am very pleased with the yellow bird and the dog. Both held up very well - one with skinny legs and the other trying to scale the cake. The party also had over a hundred mini cupcakes in chocolate and vanilla butter to supplement the little cake. It's painstaking to work on minis...

Cake for the Fisho

The MOTH's birthday was last week and the kids designed his cake (the first design by yours truly failed miserably..) We baked his favourite Oriental Sugee Cake and had it covered in marzipan (almond paste) instead of the usual sugar paste. Marzipan and sugee cake is a wonderful combo. The cake's basically a scene from one of his fishing trips - his big blue net, red pliers, the bucket of stinky (and flies-infested) chicken intestines and beer. The MOTH is clearly a tad overweight here (no thanks to the downpour and the figure weighing down) but a gentle reminder of what's in store if the gut gets wider in the coming years..ahem. He's of course, wearing his favourite green cargo pants (although my version of it is way more cool,) and white tee holding on to a sizeable catch. As with any fisho, there's always "the big one that got away" (see the rod, broken line and fish swimming off). Happy Birthday love! xoxox

Celebrating 80

80 Lemon Poppyseed Cupcakes to celebrate a much-loved mummy's 80th birthday. Close family friends decided to take care of the cake and ordered these cupcakes for each of the 80 guests. The sugarpaste faces are of the grand dame in her early twenties.