A Chocolatey 40th Birthday

Yummilicious rich chocolate cake with chocolate fudge topped with chocolate fondant. Every girl's dream to have chocolate on chocolate and ON chocolate again! Least that's what I thought the birthday girl would like for her 40th.... For this set of cupcakes, I worked on a theme again. Bow & Buttons in a set of harmonious pastels. Think it turned out pretty?

CARRIE Reversible Tote

The completely reversible CARRIE is perfect for work or simply as a weekend tote. The beautiful black line drawing against the crisp white fabric is eye-catching. There's something sexy about this tote when paired with black and white stripes and used anyway, you'll find people trying to steal a glance of what's the fabric design inside! Dimension for this Reversible Tote is 13"(w) x 10"(h) x 3.5"(gusset). It is hand-finished with black satin piping all around the edges of the top.
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KEIKO Foldover Clutch

KEIKO is clearly an Oriental-inspired piece. I came across this lovely brocade in gold with very intricate designs, last year and bought a couple of yards not knowing just what I'd do with it. The only purse size that can carry off this fabric is a Foldover Clutch. Paired with a muted red, this clutch looks demure yet, contemporary. Perfect for that special wedding banquet you've been invited to or for a Japanese or Chinese gourmet-style dinner date. The Keiko is 10.5"(w) x 6"(h) and fits everything you need for that date. The brocade-covered button conceals a magnetic snap that secures the flap down.


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CARRIE Foldover Clutch

The CARRIE Foldover Clutch is a combo of black and white fabrics. I chose thick black and white stripes to counter the smallness of this purse design and to have it a little 'avant garde'. The free-flowing floral line drawings are simply New York, don't you think? I think Carrie Bradshaw wouldn't mind carrying this for her night-outs... CARRIE measures at 10.5"(w) x 6"(h), folds over with a magnetic snap closure to keep everything safe inside and comes with a handy wrislet, too!
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MADDIE Foldover Clutch

The name MADDIE exudes such vibrance that I couldn't resist christening this Foldover Clutch with that name. The black background of this fabric brings up the brightly-coloured flora and fauna motifs beautifully. The yellow candy stripes further enhances the joie de vivre. The Maddie Foldover Clutch measures 10.5"(w) x 6"(h) and snap shuts with a magnetic snap closure. A wristlet of the same contrasting fabric adds convenience for a hands-free outing.


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Potted Glory

Here's something unique to consider for Mother's Day and Teacher's Day. A pot cake! It's basically cake in a shape of a planter's pot, covered in terracota-like sugarpaste and topped with your favourite (or your mother's) flowers! Featured here are apple blossoms in burgandy, also made from sugar paste. For your children's favourite teachers, you can have them individually-boxed, ribboned and gift-tagged.
Mini cupcakes were used to fashion these much-loved bugs to accompany the pot of blossoms. For an extended family celebration of Mother's Day for instance, you can have a pot cake for every mother/grandmother while other family members are represented by the bumble bees and lady bugs. It'll look beautiful when the pots of flowers are surrounded by these striking bugs on a 'grass' surface!
Mother's Day will be on May 9, 2010 and Teacher's Day on May 14, 2010 (dates may vary from school to school in Malaysia).

Christening Cake

Another celebration cake for new babies! This cake is perfect for a baby christening party, a Chinese 'full moon', a birth announcement or as in this case, a Korean 100-days old celebration. The proud mummy wanted a "small but special" cake to mark her son's 100 days since birth with her family. And yours truly clung on to "small but special" with a 2-tier vanilla cake and chocolate fudge filling, having the base cake at a mere diameter of 6.5' and the top cake 5'. The height's just about 6'. It's an absolutely adorable cake purely of its size!

And here's another thing I've been wanting to do for a long time but could never find a suitable cake (so to speak) to design on - baby clothes line. I find this significant baby feature is often missed by parents compared to the rattles, pacifiers, bottles and alphabet blocks. Isn't it obvious when you see a washing line with lots of cloth nappies, little wrap shirts and booties drying in the sun, that there's a new baby in that house?

Move away Maclaren, Graco, Peg Perego! We're bringing back prams complete with satin ruffles and monogrammed blankets! This cutout was on top of the cake.

Mama Bear was sitting precariously at the edge of the cake holding her cub and I foolishly thought she'd sit still (with all her post-pregnancy weight..). The rain came, humidity hit her and she fell off, destroying that side of the cake. Horror!! Well, out came the tools again for remedial work. This time, I made sure she parked her tuckus securely on a flat surface (no more edges!), cradling her cub while being supported by her post-pregnancy thighs.

Fashionista Cupcakes

I'm no fashionista and believe me when I tell you that I haven't the faintest idea how a GUCCI or PRADA logo(type) looks like!! So you can imagine me cringe when my future sister-in-law asked for a set of cupcakes featuring such big names in fashion for her high-flying girlfriend's birthday... I'm anti-stereotype hence the wee bit of burlesqueness you see here. Working with mainly black and white against the ruby red backdrop, you'll notice: a face-stuffed-in-chocolate (don't we all..) character-a burlesque dancer, the classic Chanel red lipstick and white quilted clutch, a Lagerfeld LBD, a pair of GUCCI animal-print boots, a burlesque corset from Victoria's Secret (I had fun giving these boobies implants!), 'supposed-to-be' JackieO-like sunnies from PRADA (turned out looking like goggles) and the GUCCI paperbag (because I ran out of ideas). And of course, the candle had to sit somewhere and out came the 2-tier cake! Happy Birthday!


T Scores a 9th Birthday!

Chelsea's Soccer & England's Rugby 2010 Home Jersey Cake

Soccer & Rugby Grass Pitch Cake

A very athletic laddie celebrated his 9th birthday last week and was in for a treat with two of his favourite sports (and teams) represented on his birthday cakes. The first was a half/half - 2010 Chelsea home jersey and England's rugby jersey. Mum wanted a 'cool' cake, so we had an electric blue zebra-striped butter cake for this. Over the weekend, birthday boy and his mates were in for another sporty treat with a vanilla cake with chocolate fudge filling. This time, we had a grass pitch (which looked way too healthy for both kinds of sport!) topped with mini cakes of a Gilbert England rugby ball, an old-fashioned soccer ball and a blue cap. I also thought I'd attempt to make a pair of Adidas boots complete with the 3 stripes and studs. Since there weren't anything obvious to represent Chelsea, I thought 'importing' Stamford (Chelsea's mascot) to the grass would do the trick! Think it did...
The boots

The cap


Top view of the 10", 3.8kg cake.

Hugs To Teachers



Birth Announcement

How about a box of 6 cupcakes to announce a new baby for family and friends? These cupcakes were designed for a dear friend's new baby boy and I thought it'll be nice to have the new Merican baby in a pea pod....

...sleeping snugly (and peacefully),

with blue onesies and yellow bibs,

a couple of Auntie Deenie's Bearhug Bears,...

...some peachy pacifiers (just in case..),

back-up 'da-da'...

and rattles to welcome him to the noisy world!