Christening Cake

Another celebration cake for new babies! This cake is perfect for a baby christening party, a Chinese 'full moon', a birth announcement or as in this case, a Korean 100-days old celebration. The proud mummy wanted a "small but special" cake to mark her son's 100 days since birth with her family. And yours truly clung on to "small but special" with a 2-tier vanilla cake and chocolate fudge filling, having the base cake at a mere diameter of 6.5' and the top cake 5'. The height's just about 6'. It's an absolutely adorable cake purely of its size!

And here's another thing I've been wanting to do for a long time but could never find a suitable cake (so to speak) to design on - baby clothes line. I find this significant baby feature is often missed by parents compared to the rattles, pacifiers, bottles and alphabet blocks. Isn't it obvious when you see a washing line with lots of cloth nappies, little wrap shirts and booties drying in the sun, that there's a new baby in that house?

Move away Maclaren, Graco, Peg Perego! We're bringing back prams complete with satin ruffles and monogrammed blankets! This cutout was on top of the cake.

Mama Bear was sitting precariously at the edge of the cake holding her cub and I foolishly thought she'd sit still (with all her post-pregnancy weight..). The rain came, humidity hit her and she fell off, destroying that side of the cake. Horror!! Well, out came the tools again for remedial work. This time, I made sure she parked her tuckus securely on a flat surface (no more edges!), cradling her cub while being supported by her post-pregnancy thighs.

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