Chinese New Year

Kong Hei Fatt Choy, folks!! Here's wishing you the best in health, wealth and happiness for the coming year of the Rabbit. Your support in the past year is much appreciated and thank you. Yum Seng to another great year ahead. See you in a bit!


Pearl Drums

This was for a lad who turned 13 last weekend. His favourites were everything of Manchester United or his drumming. No prizes for guessing which one I chose to work on... of course, the Pearl Drums!!! I had some choices to make when it came to designing the cake. I either modelled a set of drums out of sugarpaste and plonk it on a sheet cake or actually do the drums. The latter was more my kind of thing. But then came the question of how do you suspend the "drums"?
Cakes are heavy and I didn't have Buddy Carlos' skills nor the resources. So, I took a different viewpoint and voila! The set of drums as you see it from the front. Tristan's mum did ask if I was going to do the cymbals, well... I had to cheat on that. With the downpour every evening and only less than a week's notice, there was no way the sugarpaste will dry thoroughly enough to stand on it's own. So, I covered a paper plate with sugarpaste instead. Worked beautifully.
The young man sports a Justin Bieber hairstyle, loves Linkin Park (see the logo on his tee) and the usual accessories related to drumming - music notes, song book, headphones, his drumsticks and not forgetting the essential mobile phone (between the pages of his song book).


Under The Sea

An 'Under The Sea' theme for a toddler celebrating her 2nd birthday. The cupcakes were absolutely healthy orange and cranberries. The party's special guests were...
Miss Tina Turtle, Miss Sally Starfish,
Miss Callie Crab, Miss Ollie Octopus,...
Miss Sandy Snail, Mrs Fanny Fish and her little girl Miss Flower,
Miss Connie Clownfish...
Miss Molly Mermaid, Miss Selina Starfish,
and partly hidden is Miss Jessy Jellyfish.


Hollywood Glam

The children are growing up too soon!! This beautiful girl grew up right before my eyes and it's amazing to see the change from an adorable 8-month old bub to a sweet young thing of 10! She's now a confident young lady who (again, is growing up way too soon..) loves everything about the glamour of Hollywood. Can't blame her though, it's always interesting to see how people in the magazines and telly live... Her source? E! Hmmm...maybe she has a thing for Ryan Seacrest?? Do you Isa?? LOL!
Anyway, the birthday girl hearts ("loves" in tween language) watching...

E! News,....
...life in the fab lane with KLS
(no, she don't actually have a star on the Walk of Fame),...
KLS's Baby Phat bling logo,...

..one of her bling, bling fabulous tunic,

The Kardashians - Kourtney, Kim & Khloe...
(yup, they don't have a star either...;-)
...and DASH Miami with
a pair of their signature animal print bikini.

Have a FABULOUS year ahead babe!!


Bride & ManU Fan

The Bride and her Manchester United-fan groom. A friend is attempting to bake her niece a 4-tier wedding cake this weekend and she needed some help in this department. Most happy to help "top-off" the cake!


Double Birthday Carnival

I simply love mothers who dare to venture away from the television screen! This lovely mum planned for a double birthday celebration over Christmas for her daughter (3 years) and son (1 year). Her party theme was Carnival. She had her home draped in colourful fabric, hired a clown and gave away party packs in popcorn boxes. Simply beautifully done and I was commissioned to do the cakes.
What represents a carnival theme better than *drum roll* a circus tent! Ideas are always great but materialising it to something completely edible is another story. Good thing that this project were the last cakes for the year and I wanted to end the year with a great cake. The rich chocolate cake weighed 3kg - the whole structure including the tent was cake. I'm very pleased with the finished result.

The twin acrobats holding up the cake and candles.

Mr Clown...

The tiger and the monkey.

While the Circus Tent cake was for the big sister, little Ashaz had his own No.1 Moist Lemon cake. This cake was of a simpler design so not to outshine the 4-year old's. After all, a 12-month old is merely a "featured guest" even in his own party..LOL!! Wait till he's older and he'll start asking for a cake to top his sister's! This cake weighed 2.2kg and was iced with buttercream.

The circus pals - lion, bear and elephant.

Christmas 2010 Gingerbread Men

Forgot to include these guys into the earlier Christmas 2010 album and am still searching for photos of the other gingerbread cookies made - lost in transfer...


Christmas 2010

2010's Christmas theme for the Traditional Rich Fruit Cake was Gift-Wrapped. It was simple yet festive-looking for this little cake (6", 800gms). The moist brandied fruit cake was covered in marzipan (almond paste) before being iced with fondant and "gift-wrapped".

The Traditional Rich Fruit Cake - as it is...

I also introduced the sinful Mint-Filled Brownie Cupcakes in boxes of 6 for the festivities. They were great as table-fillers and needless to say, were yummilicious...

Pocket Frogs

For those of you who are not in the know (like I was), Pocket Frogs is an iPhone game and has quite a following. This big daddy is apparently very in to the game and his girls thought it was appropriate to do something along those lines. Since, I don't have an iPhone nor am I familiar with the game, I stuck to doing a screen capture of the game. This Death-By-Chocolate cake weighed 2kg.

Pastel Pink Hantaran

This was a very simple 1kg (7") Rich Chocolate cake used as a Hantaran. Theme colour was pink in pastel.

Shaun The Sheep

These cupcakes (and more coming up..) are a month late in posting. I was so worn-out from the 2010 Christmas baking that I needed to chill for sometime. Of course, school re-opened this week and was in a roundabout for a couple a days but otherwise, all's good and I'm back! This 3- year old laddie clearly enjoys his daily dose of Shaun The Sheep lots, for his mum to ask for them I've only heard of them and went Googling for the characters in the show. Two words - BAD TEETH. Seriously. What's with the showing of teeth in all the characters? And bad ones, too, if I may... can't understand why the toddlers love 'em.

Pidsley & The Pig
Bitzer & The Farmer
Shaun The Sheep and The Flock
And the cakes - Lemon Moist and Vegetarian Chocolate Mud Cake with Strawberry Filling.