Shaun The Sheep

These cupcakes (and more coming up..) are a month late in posting. I was so worn-out from the 2010 Christmas baking that I needed to chill for sometime. Of course, school re-opened this week and was in a roundabout for a couple a days but otherwise, all's good and I'm back! This 3- year old laddie clearly enjoys his daily dose of Shaun The Sheep lots, for his mum to ask for them I've only heard of them and went Googling for the characters in the show. Two words - BAD TEETH. Seriously. What's with the showing of teeth in all the characters? And bad ones, too, if I may... can't understand why the toddlers love 'em.

Pidsley & The Pig
Bitzer & The Farmer
Shaun The Sheep and The Flock
And the cakes - Lemon Moist and Vegetarian Chocolate Mud Cake with Strawberry Filling.


  1. These are beautiful! Planning my almost-4yr-old's "Shaun the Sheep" party, and I so wish I could buy these from you. Great job!

  2. Looks great I am a 59 year old toddler and absolutely love Shaun the Sheep and love your cupcakes!!!!!!!!!

  3. So cool. And it's my sons birthday too :D

    We loooooove shaun the sheep!