Pearl Drums

This was for a lad who turned 13 last weekend. His favourites were everything of Manchester United or his drumming. No prizes for guessing which one I chose to work on... of course, the Pearl Drums!!! I had some choices to make when it came to designing the cake. I either modelled a set of drums out of sugarpaste and plonk it on a sheet cake or actually do the drums. The latter was more my kind of thing. But then came the question of how do you suspend the "drums"?
Cakes are heavy and I didn't have Buddy Carlos' skills nor the resources. So, I took a different viewpoint and voila! The set of drums as you see it from the front. Tristan's mum did ask if I was going to do the cymbals, well... I had to cheat on that. With the downpour every evening and only less than a week's notice, there was no way the sugarpaste will dry thoroughly enough to stand on it's own. So, I covered a paper plate with sugarpaste instead. Worked beautifully.
The young man sports a Justin Bieber hairstyle, loves Linkin Park (see the logo on his tee) and the usual accessories related to drumming - music notes, song book, headphones, his drumsticks and not forgetting the essential mobile phone (between the pages of his song book).

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