Double Birthday Carnival

I simply love mothers who dare to venture away from the television screen! This lovely mum planned for a double birthday celebration over Christmas for her daughter (3 years) and son (1 year). Her party theme was Carnival. She had her home draped in colourful fabric, hired a clown and gave away party packs in popcorn boxes. Simply beautifully done and I was commissioned to do the cakes.
What represents a carnival theme better than *drum roll* a circus tent! Ideas are always great but materialising it to something completely edible is another story. Good thing that this project were the last cakes for the year and I wanted to end the year with a great cake. The rich chocolate cake weighed 3kg - the whole structure including the tent was cake. I'm very pleased with the finished result.

The twin acrobats holding up the cake and candles.

Mr Clown...

The tiger and the monkey.

While the Circus Tent cake was for the big sister, little Ashaz had his own No.1 Moist Lemon cake. This cake was of a simpler design so not to outshine the 4-year old's. After all, a 12-month old is merely a "featured guest" even in his own party..LOL!! Wait till he's older and he'll start asking for a cake to top his sister's! This cake weighed 2.2kg and was iced with buttercream.

The circus pals - lion, bear and elephant.

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