Christmas 2009

I'll be home for Christmas...

These Bearhug Bears will be going home with four lucky children this Christmas...





Anyone for a Round of Poker?

The 1.6kg (8" round) Nyonya Sugee Cake - a Great Bakes speciality, only available under "special circumstances" (like this one...) and during Chinese New Year, was simply adorned with the birthday girl's favourite show of cards! This sugee cake is a hand-down recipe from Penang and fine-tuned by yours truly for a unique flavour that's perfect for an auspicious occasion like this 77th birthday. Happy Birthday Mrs Foong, wishing you all the best in health and many more birthdays to come!


Christmas Cupcakes

Lucky Pooch

Bam-Bam turned 12 today! Her mummy decided to throw her a birthday bash and here's her cake. Design's based on the number 12 with her cute little face. Also made a smash cake for the birthday pooch to "have her cake and eat it, too" in the shape of a shocking pink gift wrapped bone. Happy Birthday cutesie!


Purse Organisers

Introducing the Purse Organiser, the little sister of the bigger Bag Organiser. This simple pocket-style handbag organiser will fit smaller bags as well as bigger bags, depending on how you have it rolled up. Sewed using strong cotton fabric as the Bag Organiser, it unrolls to a 25" length and 4.5" in height, as seen below. It has 6 pockets ranging from 2" to 6" width. Fits most of your handbag essentials like namecard holder, hand sanitiser, phone, pocket hand cream, lipstick, pen, tissues and small purse.
It comes in 2 colours like the Bag Organiser, khaki and dark blue.
Here, the Purse Organiser lightly rolled up for a purse to fit in the centre, if you use a longer purse like I do. The flexibility of this organiser is it fitting whatever width of your handbag. As such, it stays while you take out your purse or phone from the pocket. It is also easy to find the pocket again to replace it. It's pretty much the extra pockets you need in every handbag! So, the next time you change handbags, just take out the entire organiser and place it in your next bag. RM38

Availability: Khaki - 0

Dark Blue - 0


Another Movie Tie-In for A Birthday...

A lucky girl celebrated her 10th birthday with a movie party treat last weekend. The original Popcorn Cake's been given a new look with a "limited edition" of A Christmas Carol popcorn scoop box! And yes, with real popcorn, too. With her favourite colour being blue, I thought it'd be a treat to use it in line with the movie's colour scheme - dull, grey, depressing winter scenario... BUT of course, not without tweaking it for livelier celebratory colours. It is a birthday and it is Christmas! Hence..
Ebenezer Scrooge had a tiny face job to make him look less weasly and crinkly, yet retaining the infamous nose and chin. The 10 candles were recommended to be placed at the candlestick holder so the cake looks "lighted" where it's supposed to. Even his suit and hat were less depressing.

I chose a baby blue background for the whole cake, dotted with snow and added touches of festivity with Willy Wonka's Christmas fizz candies and licorice all-sorts. Hope the children enjoyed the rich chocolate cake as well!

AMY Pleated Bag

Will the real Amy please come forward? Oh, it's been awhile since I spoke to my dear, dear friend Amy and sewing this bag reminded me of her creativity and adaptability over the years. The AMY Pleated Bag is very much like that - black and white is fashionably-versatile and the use of the design on this bag is... unique. I like contrasting fabrics and this bag shows how a simple fabric design can rise to the occassion! AMY measures 14" to 11" (from the widest end upwards) x 14.5"(h) x 20.5" (shoulder strap). The bag is fully-lined in black cotton (visible-stain-free!) and has 2 internal pockets. It has a magnetic snap for closure.

Availability: 0

SARA Pleated Bag

SARA, the pioneer in my range of bags, is a Pleated Bag. The versatility of the fabric's design and colours makes it a much sought-after bag. By nature of the free-flow design, what you see on this bag cannot be replicated exactly. As with all Pleated Bags, this one measures 14" at the widest end to 11" on top where it closes with a magnetic snap. Height of the bag is 14.5" and the shoulder strap measures 20.5". The bag is fully-lined in black cotton with 2 internal pockets.
Availability: 0


ANYA Petite Satchel

The ANYA Petite Satchel is so bright and cheerful! Great summer handbag to go with a white sundress! Or yellow, or orange, or red... The Petite Satchel is a good size for small bag fans (as quoted by a small bag person...) and it's top is secured by a flap with a magnetic snap. Fully-lined, dimensions are 14"(w) x 8.5"(h) with a shoulder strap of 19.5". Fits comfortably under your arm. Nice weekend handbag for shopping with the girls.

Availability: 1

MILLA Petite Satchel

An all-new handbag with an all-new fabric. The new Petite Satchel in MILLA is simply elegant! Like with the earlier Pleated Bag in the same fabric, the Milla in teal with the unique damask design is a great 'statement' handbag. With an all-black office attire, this handbag will surely draw envious eyes. This handbag measures 14"(w) x 8.5"(h) with a 19.5" shoulder strap. It is secured with a magnetic closure under the flap.
Availability: 0

KRIS Petite Satchel

KRIS as in Kris Kardashian???? No fan of hers but I did think of her when I sewed on this fabric. Loud and bold, yet in this new bag - the Petite Satchel, it came out well-balanced and beautiful. This handbag was crafted specially for fans of small bags. The Petite Satchel measures 14" at the widest x 8.5" (h) from the flap. The strap is 19.5" from end to end and it fits snugly over a shoulder. Nice for work. Time to sew a Pleated Bag or Reversible Tote to go with this bag for a brollie and a book!

Availability: 0


HANAE Pleated Bag

Yes, HANAE is a Japanese name and this Pleated Bag was christened with this name to honour the Japanese floral print used. I was at a quilting shop recently and stumbled on this fat quarter. Quilting fabrics as we all know are very expensive, hence I could only purchase this tiny piece (that I was smitten with), use it this way and keep the price of the bag as it is. I think it turned out really pretty. The red fabric is also a quilting cotton. The HANAE is fully lined, measuring 14" to 11" (width from the widest end upwards) x 14/5"(h) with a 20.5" shoulder strap. The bag closes with a magnetic snap and has 2 internal pockets.

Availability: 0

All bags are handcrafted using (sometimes) end-run designer fabrics, so by their very nature, most bags are limited editions. As such, I cannot guarantee that any colour combination or fabric design will be repeated at any time. Kindly check its availability.

EFIA Pleated Bag

I saw this fabric in a departmental store some time ago and simply had to buy it. No idea then what to do with it until now... I like ethnic prints, especially hand-printed ones like EFIA here. Although these paisley designs are hand-stamped on, the flaw on them is what makes such fabrics unique. The EFIA Pleated Bag is perfect for those of you who shy away from loud colours.
At 14" to 11" (width from the widest end upwards) x 14.5"(h), the Pleated Bag fits all your necessities for the day. Comes with 2 internal pockets and the top closes with a magnetic snap.

Availability: 0

All bags are handcrafted using (sometimes) end-run designer fabrics, so by their very nature, most bags are limited editions. As such, I cannot guarantee that any colour combination or fabric design will be repeated at any time. Kindly check its availability.


MILLA Pleated Bag

The MILLA Pleated Bag was inspired by fans of the colour teal. I think teal in this damask print is beautiful and it's exudes serenity rather than shock like some shades of teal do. It's even appropriate to be used for work on casual Fridays! Definitely a keeper. This A-Pleated Bag measures 14" to 11" (width from the widest end upwards) x 14.5"(h). A good tote size with a shoulder strap measuring 20.5" from end to end. The bag is full-lined (as is with all my bags) with 2 internal pockets and snaps shut with a magnetic closure. RM68 Availability: 0

ANYA Pleated Bag

ANYA is one of the damask-inspired prints that looks great on a Pleated Bag. In warm tones of red and orange, this Pleated Bag is fun to tote around as a weekend bag. Fully-lined, dimensions are 14" to 11" (width from the widest end upwards) x 14.5" (h) with a 20.5" shoulder strap. The bag has 2 internal pockets and secured with a magnetic snap closure.

Availability: 0

The Children Bids Adieu...

Aunty Janice will be missed dearly by her reading-class children. A twist from the earlier student-to-teacher cake, this one's decorated completely in buttercream. For a change, a globe (actual cake) was designed as a cake topper to symbolise her move from Malaysia....

... to Australia.

Birthday Cupcakes

Birthday Cupcakes are the easiest to present and share in any party. Seen above are Great Bakes' signature Carrot Cake with Cream Cheese in patty cases. The obvious cupcake toppers are the gifts - fondant-ribboned-licorice all-sorts.

These elegant Birthday Cupcakes are Moist Lemon Cakes covered in textured fondant. Very simple presentation with a dress cookie as a tribute to an elegant birthday girl!

Risque Cakes

New addition - 09.06.10

When it comes to risque cakes (aka naughty cakes), it's always a challenge to ensure that the whole presentation isn't crass. So, I do try my very best to be creative, yet cheeky enough to make the bride-to-be blush... don't you just love how a simple wedding vow can be so "meaningful"??

Here's another for a very small group. Such harmless cupcakes...really!!!! Just don't peek under the blankie...