Purse Organisers

Introducing the Purse Organiser, the little sister of the bigger Bag Organiser. This simple pocket-style handbag organiser will fit smaller bags as well as bigger bags, depending on how you have it rolled up. Sewed using strong cotton fabric as the Bag Organiser, it unrolls to a 25" length and 4.5" in height, as seen below. It has 6 pockets ranging from 2" to 6" width. Fits most of your handbag essentials like namecard holder, hand sanitiser, phone, pocket hand cream, lipstick, pen, tissues and small purse.
It comes in 2 colours like the Bag Organiser, khaki and dark blue.
Here, the Purse Organiser lightly rolled up for a purse to fit in the centre, if you use a longer purse like I do. The flexibility of this organiser is it fitting whatever width of your handbag. As such, it stays while you take out your purse or phone from the pocket. It is also easy to find the pocket again to replace it. It's pretty much the extra pockets you need in every handbag! So, the next time you change handbags, just take out the entire organiser and place it in your next bag. RM38

Availability: Khaki - 0

Dark Blue - 0

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