Another Movie Tie-In for A Birthday...

A lucky girl celebrated her 10th birthday with a movie party treat last weekend. The original Popcorn Cake's been given a new look with a "limited edition" of A Christmas Carol popcorn scoop box! And yes, with real popcorn, too. With her favourite colour being blue, I thought it'd be a treat to use it in line with the movie's colour scheme - dull, grey, depressing winter scenario... BUT of course, not without tweaking it for livelier celebratory colours. It is a birthday and it is Christmas! Hence..
Ebenezer Scrooge had a tiny face job to make him look less weasly and crinkly, yet retaining the infamous nose and chin. The 10 candles were recommended to be placed at the candlestick holder so the cake looks "lighted" where it's supposed to. Even his suit and hat were less depressing.

I chose a baby blue background for the whole cake, dotted with snow and added touches of festivity with Willy Wonka's Christmas fizz candies and licorice all-sorts. Hope the children enjoyed the rich chocolate cake as well!

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