Bag Organisers

If you're tired of forgetting essential items whenever you swap handbags or simply can't find things in your bag, this Bag Organiser is what you'll need. Such organisers have been around since 2005 but it never really caught on because of its high price and finishing in synthetic materials. Some are even made out of hard perspex! These here are made from fabric and measures at 10"(w) x 5.75"(h). For now, it comes in 2 colours - KHAKI and DARK BLUE. The organiser has 10 pockets and fits most essentials like your purse, mobile phone, keys, sewing kit, mini first aid kit, tissue pack, travel-size sanitiser, make-up etc. It is a convenient size that fits most medium-sized bags or totes and larger. Fits the Reversible Tote beautifully, with still room to spare!
For smaller handbag users, like for the Slouch Bag, a simpler 'expandable' organiser is coming soon.
Availability : KHAKI -0 DARK BLUE - 0 MULTI-COLOUR - 0

Big is Beautiful

Finally! An oversized bag catered to my whim. The MOTH will attest to my staying-up-late one night trying to figure out this pattern! It was worth the extra hours. This Oversized Shoulder Bag - approx. 18"(h) x 21"(w), is everything I envisioned my bag to be - big, roomy and bold with inconspicous details. Pleated bottom for the extra room and check out the braided fabric handles (16" end to end).

The interior is simply fastened with a magnetic snap closure and has a pocket for the mobile phone. Will be transfering the Bag Organiser in here for the essentials and plenty of space left for a cardi, book and maybe the sink, too.

Keep this bag in mind later when you're making your Christmas list for the females in your circle!


Basket of Blossoms

A peach basket of yellow roses, daffodils, pansies and little blue blossoms made a 93-year old grand dame (and her brood) very happy! I think my attempt to write the birthday wish in Chinese helped!

Close-up of the weave

The only kind of basket weaving I'll do - with buttercream icing. This cake is covered with cornflower blue basket weave and topped with daisies, apple blossoms and violets. And of course, the birds. Think I'll do some butterflies the next round and Little Miss wants a ladybug, too. This cake deco will be perfect for your mum's next birthday or Mother's Day! But caution! Grandchildren will be picking the sugar flowers off the cake for themselves!


HELEN Foldover Clutch

I love the HELEN for obvious reasons. It's simplicity and it being green and white representing calmness and purity. I was apprehensive about sewing a Foldover Clutch using HELEN due to the nature of it's design. This isn't a repetitive design, hence the difficulty in aligning it to fold over and balance. Well, it did turn out beautifully. Notice how the circle looks like it's being bent-over from the back? The HELEN Foldover Clutch measures 10.5"(w) x 6"(h) and secured with a flap that has a magnetic snap closure. A handy strap around the wrist makes it convenient to use during office lunch breaks.

Availability : 1

CILLA Foldover Clutch

CILLA, the only one so far (just realised,) with a stripey combo! No wonder its tote was so popular! Well, now we have the CILLA in the Foldover Clutch. It's quite an eye-catching piece of work and good to go on its own solo date. Like the other clutches, it's a modest 10.5"(w) x 6"(h) pouch with a matching wristlet for safety in case you loose your "clutch on the clutch". A fabric-covered button hides the magnetic snap closure underneath. Do note that no two CILLA Foldover Clutches are the same - from the fabric on both sides to the fabric-covered button.

Availability : 0


Let's Get Organised!

So, here's the story; I'm guilty of owning lots of bags and guiltier by the day for introducing more bags to you! But the fact is, we love our bags and the more, the merrier. Having to swap bags quite regularly, I've decided to sew a Bag Organiser (what a feat!!). There are many forms of this being sold in the departmental stores but I personally like the ones made from fabric - it's washable and flexible in terms of fitting into various bags. It is especially useful if you're like me, who loves totes and big bags. Beats having to rummage through it looking for car keys!

This Bag Organiser measures at 10"(w) x 5.75"(h) x 3" (gusset). It fits the Reversible Tote beautifully and all bags that size or larger. Any bags smaller, you don't need an organiser, you're organised enough! Hat's off to you...

It has a total of 10 pockets - 5 on the exterior and 5 inside. As you can see in the photo above, the 3 pockets here fit my bottle of hand sanitiser, mobile phone and pen.

Over on the opposite side, 2 wider pockets fit a namecard holder (or a pocket calculator) and a packet of tissues. I've also added 2 short straps on both ends so you can lift the Bag Organiser out of your bag to another easily. It also serves as a key fob if your car/home keys have a crab-claw clip.
Here's a view from the top. The interior of the Bag Organiser consists of 3 pockets on one side and another 2 on the other. The pockets hold plasters, mozzie patches, ointment, hand moisturiser, torch and Swiss-knife, hairclips, sewing kit and a couple more tiny stuffs. The 3"-wide gusset fits my long purse and leaves enough space for keys (or in my case, a 2-lipstick case).
Now, let's see if I can sew more of this! ;-)


LAURA Foldover Clutch

Sweet LAURA is back with a Foldover Clutch. Measuring at 10.5"(w) x 6"(h), the clutch is a good size to fit in a purse, mobile phone and keys when you want to go easy and light. The clutch folds over and snaps shut with a magnetic snap closure so your belongings don't slip out. A handy strap fits over the wrist comfortably.

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SARA Reversible Tote

Side A
Side B

The SARA Reversible Tote was the debut tote and meant only for yours truly. Well, it happens to be one of the most requested fabric, for obvious reasons - it's versatility in matching with anything you wear and that it is of a dark hue, hence "grime-proof". After much persuasion from 'requestees', the SARA is now available. Although it's of the same fabric, there will be variations of its design on the sides of every bag because of its free-form pattern. Measurements are 13"(w) x 10"(h) x 3.5"(gusset).

Availability :0

Band of Brothers



Spring Blooms

Blue Blossoms


Purple Violets

Rose Buds

Blue Sweet Peas

Little Creen Caterpillar

A tribute to Eric Carle's green caterpillar.

Kharjuram Cake

Fresh from the oven, Kharjuram Cakes in loaf sizes, on special request.

Gift-packed for hampers.

Kharjuram Cake, otherwise known as Walnuts & Dates Cake, is an aged-old cake popularly baked when dates are in season. Great Bakes introduced its soft-textured, sweetened-by-dates version during this year's Eid (Hari Raya Aidilfitri). The Kharjuram Cake was well-received and many ordered not only because it was a great coffee table cake but that dates are one of the most nutritious fruits available. During the fasting month, dates are consumed to provide nearly all the necessary nutrients that the body needs. So, let's celebrate the goodness of dates with a slice of Kharjuram!


LATETIA Foldover Clutch

The LATETIA Foldover Clutch is beautiful for a special date, especially when you're wearing a little black dress (or little red dress). Such occassions are when you'll only need a clutch for your purse, home keys, phone and a lipstick - sitting perfectly on your lap. Once folded, the clutch measures 10.5"(w) x 6"(h) and snaps shut with a magnetic closure.

Come on, all Hollywood celebs are using clutches these days! Now I think I'll have to request for one of those kind of dates so I can use my clutch, been awhile...

Availability: 0

CYBILL Foldover Clutches

The CYBILL Foldover Clutches are great for use with the totes. While you reserve bulkier items for the tote, you can put your purse and keys in here. Or use it for knick knacks like I do with mine in the Reversible Tote. The clutch is roomy even at 10.5"(w) x 6"(h) -folded. The wristlet is handy when it's being used on its own. The clutch folds over and has a magnetic snap closure.

RM40 each
Availability: 0

CYBILL 3 Reversible Tote

Side A
Side B
CYBILL 3 Reversible Tote is quite an abstract with 2 contrasting sides. You can choose to present the brassy orange spillover on days you're feeling bold or sink into crowds with the mossy green side. Another fabric colour that matches everything you wear. I personally like it for use on the last day of October, don't you agree?? The reversible option is in khaki and the tote measures 13"(w) x 10"(h) x 3.5"(gusset).

Availability: 0

All bags are handcrafted using (sometimes) end-run designer fabrics, so by their very nature, most bags are limited editions. As such, I cannot guarantee that specific colour combination or fabric design will be repeated at any specific time. Kindly check its availability.

CYBILL 2 Reversible Tote

The CYBILL 2 Reversible Tote like its predecessor, goes with any colour you wear. It's one of those fabric colours we'd call "grime-proof" where you (or anybody) wouldn't notice if its stained! Great for shopping trips or Saturday afternoons at the mechanic for car servicing. Dimension for this tote is 13"(w) x 10"(h) x 3.5"(gusset).

Availability: 0

All bags are handcrafted using (sometimes) end-run designer fabrics, so by their very nature, most bags are limited editions. As such, I cannot guarantee that any specific colour combination or fabric design will be repeated at any specific time. Kindly check its availability.

LATETIA 2 Reversible Tote

Side A
Side B

Similar to the earlier, the LATETIA 2 Reversible Tote has 2 different sides as seen above. The reversible option is in red fabric. This tote measures 13"(W) x 10"(h) x 3.5"(gusset).

Availability: 0
All bags are handcrafted using (sometimes) end-run designer fabrics, so by their very nature, most bags are limited editions. As such, I cannot guarantee that any colour combination or fabric designs will be repeated at any specific time. Kindly check its availability.

La Colección Latetia

One of my favoritos, la coleccion Latetia. The complete set with a Reversible Tote, a Slouch Bag and a Foldover Clutch.


Two Bearhug Bears Head Off To A New Home

These two siblings are going to a new home. Yippee!! Hope the children will love them to bits...