Let's Get Organised!

So, here's the story; I'm guilty of owning lots of bags and guiltier by the day for introducing more bags to you! But the fact is, we love our bags and the more, the merrier. Having to swap bags quite regularly, I've decided to sew a Bag Organiser (what a feat!!). There are many forms of this being sold in the departmental stores but I personally like the ones made from fabric - it's washable and flexible in terms of fitting into various bags. It is especially useful if you're like me, who loves totes and big bags. Beats having to rummage through it looking for car keys!

This Bag Organiser measures at 10"(w) x 5.75"(h) x 3" (gusset). It fits the Reversible Tote beautifully and all bags that size or larger. Any bags smaller, you don't need an organiser, you're organised enough! Hat's off to you...

It has a total of 10 pockets - 5 on the exterior and 5 inside. As you can see in the photo above, the 3 pockets here fit my bottle of hand sanitiser, mobile phone and pen.

Over on the opposite side, 2 wider pockets fit a namecard holder (or a pocket calculator) and a packet of tissues. I've also added 2 short straps on both ends so you can lift the Bag Organiser out of your bag to another easily. It also serves as a key fob if your car/home keys have a crab-claw clip.
Here's a view from the top. The interior of the Bag Organiser consists of 3 pockets on one side and another 2 on the other. The pockets hold plasters, mozzie patches, ointment, hand moisturiser, torch and Swiss-knife, hairclips, sewing kit and a couple more tiny stuffs. The 3"-wide gusset fits my long purse and leaves enough space for keys (or in my case, a 2-lipstick case).
Now, let's see if I can sew more of this! ;-)

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