LATETIA Reversible Tote

The LATETIA Reversible Tote is another show-stopper. The combination of black and red sets off the passion and warmth in you. Can you see yourself hugging it close to your body in a simple pair of old Levi's and red tee? I do. This reversible tote's dimensions are 13"(w) x 10"(h) x 3.5"(gusset). Wait till you see the Foldover Clutch in this combo.
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All bags are handcrafted using (sometimes) end-run designer fabrics, so by their very nature, most bags are limited editions. As such, I cannot guarantee that any colour combination or fabric design will be repeated at any specific time. Kindly check its availability.


  1. Hulloh!

    I'm Myra's friend. =] Myra gave me the link to your blog.

    We have met before! Myra and I and another friend came down to KL during our school trip and your family treated us to a lovely meal at Delifrance =] Thank you! I really love the bags and the lovely cupcakes. My mom specially SUKAAAAH the cupcakes. We don't get such lovely ones in Penang. The prices for the bags are a good bargain! All handmade! I wish I was making my own money then I can beli one collection. =] I have already linked up your blog to mine and will recommend ppl to visit your site. <3

    warmest regards

  2. Hello Myra's friend! I'm glad you like the bags, there are more coming up and do check-in once awhile. As for the cupcakes, we like the "understated" look ;) cheers!