Hantaran Cupcakes

Gold Peonies against Red Brocade

Bunga Ros Merah against Songket Emas

These cupcakes were commissioned as part of the bride's return hantaran for the akad nikah (solemnisation ceremony of a Muslim marriage) last weekend. The colour scheme was red and gold to marry 2 cultures - the Chinese bride and her Malay bridegroom. With that in mind, the cupcakes were covered in (1) red to signify the Chinese wedding brocade and topped with gold-coloured peonies (flowers signifying abundance to the Chinese) and (2) gold with imprints of the songket (traditional Malay brocade for weddings) and topped with bright red bunga ros that are commonly seen during Malay weddings. Cake is Vanilla Butter.

These are a few of my favourite things.....

What do you give a lady who's got everything and can have anything she wants? Nothing. Seriously, anything you plan to get her for her birthday will pale in comparison unless.... they're yummy bakes! ;-) A friend came up with 12 of her partner's favourite things and I simply had to make them edible. Starting from the top left - shoes, handbags, maxi dresses, bling-blings, leopard print (I made a miniature cake on top of the print for the candle), butterfly, Hello Kitty, the apple of her eye - her son, Moto-moto (nickname for her hubs), coffee, her partner (who's a yogi) and books. I heard that the birthday girl was tickled pink with the lemon cupcakes! Cheers to many more 40s!


More Girlie Cookies!

Little Girls in Pretty Little Dresses
Little Pink Purses
Butterflies in Shades of Pink

Torta Carnevale di Venezia

This 1.5kg (8" round) carrot cake was for a dear friend's sister's 50th and what could be more appropriate than to design a cake based on her first (of many to come!) photography book - Up Close- The Venice Carnival that was launched early this year in Malaysia. The mask was a personal feat with lots of breath-holding and temper-flaring (when Little Miss botched it the day before the cake was due..). I enjoyed designing the mask (of course,) but having it stay as a 3-D mask on the cake? Well.... The mask was completely made out of fondant so it's edible and the thing with this medium is it's weather-dependant. It's been raining every single day.....

The mask did stay up albeit showing slight signs of sunken cheeks on the day the cake was collected. Now, let's hope it stays that way till the birthday girl sees it!

The cake was inspired by and for the author of this book.


2 sets of mini cupcakes with butterflies in 2 different themes - grey silver dusted butterflies on black and white floral cut-outs and multi-coloured ones on yellow buttercup and fresh green buttercream. Cakes were chocolate and lemon. Hmmm...sigh, what a sight.

An Early Father's Day...

The sweetest parents bring up the sweetest children. Father's Day had to come a little earlier this year for this papa (who's also like a papa to me since I was a little girl) and the girls (as usual, daughters being more organised, ahem..) wanted something special. To tell you the truth, I was lost for ideas when it came to "something special" for this wonderful man. How do you translate generosity, kindness, well-read, well-spoken, writes beautifully...*handsome*... into cake toppers??? So, I did what I knew best and that was to put what I know best of him into these cakes. His daughter did some homework, too and voila! I also decided to try something new with this supportive family of mine... cookie-in-a-cuppie. It's basically a huge cookie baked in a patty case. They had Toffee, Butterscotch & Cashew Cookie-in-a-Cuppie (s).

The Quran,
Prof's Book - Document of Destiny,

....and love notes from his family.

A World Cup for a World Cup Fan

This 2kg pair of moist chocolate cake was commissioned by a little wifey for her hubby's birthday last weekend. With only the upcoming FIFA World Cup in his mind, there's no question that he needs a little reminder on what he'll be missing the next two weeks if he doesn't tear himself from the telly!! ;-)


Buat Ibu Tersayang

Always loved the Kebaya. I believe this outfit is the most flattering to the female figure while being modest. Although the request was for a small cake (6" for this butter cake, about 1kg), there was no doubt in my mind that I can pull-off the Kebaya design here. If anything, the smallness of the cake took the stress out of needing to dwell on the intricate embroideries of the Kebaya! Hope the grand dame of 74 will allow the cake to bring her back to zaman P.Ramlee & Saloma!