Torta Carnevale di Venezia

This 1.5kg (8" round) carrot cake was for a dear friend's sister's 50th and what could be more appropriate than to design a cake based on her first (of many to come!) photography book - Up Close- The Venice Carnival that was launched early this year in Malaysia. The mask was a personal feat with lots of breath-holding and temper-flaring (when Little Miss botched it the day before the cake was due..). I enjoyed designing the mask (of course,) but having it stay as a 3-D mask on the cake? Well.... The mask was completely made out of fondant so it's edible and the thing with this medium is it's weather-dependant. It's been raining every single day.....

The mask did stay up albeit showing slight signs of sunken cheeks on the day the cake was collected. Now, let's hope it stays that way till the birthday girl sees it!

The cake was inspired by and for the author of this book.

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