Gong Xi Fa Cai

Just finished baking the last batch of Oriental Sugee Cakes for this year's Chinese New Year orders. Phiew! It's been a short and busy first month of the year. It seemed only a short time ago that we were busy with Christmas and now, the lunar new year celebration beckons. We're off to Penang for a week and I will be back in my kitchen even before I've had enough of pineapple tarts! Here's wishing you a happy and prosperous  year ahead with the Water Dragon *showering upon us!
* water signifies $$$$$$ ;-)


I had to do a comic strip speech bubble for this cake! The cake was serving as a platform to feature this young superhero's favourites namely Superman, Spiderman, Batman and Ultraman. This small (slightly over 2kg) two-tiered Chocolate Fudge cake was simply decorated with a skyline of cutouts so that mum can place the 4 toy figurines on the cake itself. Emblems associated with each of those superheros were manually cut-out (eyes crossed by the time I finished them). Superman was supposed to stand near the speech bubble  to personally wish Shahjahan a very Happy Birthday! Still waiting for mum's pictures on the cake with the toys on the cake.

Angry Birds Ver.2

Apparently, this fowl-flinging game is one of the most popular game to date with over 300million downloads and gamers play something like 200million minutes a day! I have 2 versions of the game on my 'gadgets' and thankfully, both my children aren't hooked on them. Both the MOTH and I had to kinda learn the game from them and see for ourselves what the big deal was. Well, it's a straightforward game that challenges you with physics- something I have no clue of... and I guess, its appeal is in the satisfaction of killing something???? Anyway, this small Devil's Food Cake of 1.3kg was for a small child of 2....hmmmm