Alice in Wonderland

Alice in (Mini) Wonderland! I only had a 6" round surface to work on this theme and this was one that I could do so much! Nevertheless, it was nice revisiting this great story. I doubled the cake as the ground and the MadHatter's hat. The main feature was Alice falling into the hole and all you see is her pair of legs. The rest of the toppers are little reminders of the fascinating story. Anyone up for a Red Queen cake??

Little Miss Turns 7

Our own Little Miss turned 7 on Monday and happily traded a party for a weekend of treats. She enjoyed her ice-creams, meals at her favourite joints and a bake-and-decorate session with mum. She wanted to give away cupcakes to her classmates and chose her favourite vanilla cake with chocolate chips. We had faces of her classmates made out of fondant with Little Miss designing and deciding on all colours used on those cupcakes. I must say that they turned out really pretty. She enjoyed the baking part but could only sit for 1 hour rolling and cutting fondant. She realised how much she had to do and so little was completed after the hour! Before she went to bed (with only 25 cupcakes covered, not adorned), she gave me a hug and said, "Mum, I hope you don't have to stay up too late (again) to finish this for me".

Though no party, I still baked her favourite chocolate cake in a mini pan. This finished cake weighed only 400gms and each of us had a quarter of her dress. She likes fairies and flowers. Put them together and we have a Flower Fairy. She loved it and was especially pleased that she was allowed to eat her head and body!

Disney Strikes Again!

Little 6 year old Annabelle loves Minnie Mouse and this 2 kg family chocolate cake was given a simple, yet distinctively Minnie design. The bottom tier replicates Minnie's red with white polka dot dress (least that's how I remember Minnie... I hear that she now has a bigger wardrobe!). The top tier are the famous ears. I couldn't do a 3-D figure of Minnie (or Mickey, Donald, Goofy etc) due to my lack of sculpting skills and great fear of disfigurement. The next best thing was to do a cut-out. I sure hope the birthday girl liked the cake.

Afternoon Tea Party

A group of 10-year olds gathered for tea last weekend, hence the aptly-themed cupcakes. Covered in traditional red and white chequered tablecloth, miniature plates of strawberries, chocolate cherry cake, sandwiches, shortbread, hotdogs, chocolate chip cookies and the customary pot of tea (in this case, hot chocolate).

Super Seven - continued...

This is the 2nd installment of Super Seven - Cupcakes for her birthday sleepover. Each girl had a Chocolate-Strawberry Chocolate Chip cupcake with a "mini-me" of themselves in pyjamas.


Super Seven

What could be a better cake design than a Witches' Cauldron to get your classmates gleefully screaming! The Lemon Poppyseed Cake is covered as the cauldron and stewing a potion of eyeballs, snakes and spiders (seen trying to escape,) in blood.... Firewoods are chocolate wafers. Everything is edible except for the candles; yes, the ugly green witch, too...wart and all.

The second cake for the birthday girl who's turning seven today is a simple family-size Lemon Poppyseed Cake, too. Just a simple figure of her bowing, in her Taekwondo garb after breaking a few planks!


Favourite Things & Favourite People...

Here's another request for the Favourite Things Birthday Cupcakes. The birthday girl is an accomplished entrepeneur, designer and much-loved by her staffs. These cupcakes feature 12 of her favourite things (starting from top left,) books, coffee, MO Outlet-the division where these cupcakes were presented from, diamonds, cigars, dresses - this one's a replica of one of her own designs, handbags, hearts-lots of love, shoes, music, her Bali beach home and old movies. *phone* Friend just texted and said that she loves it very much and has decided to keep it intact till Friday to show her friends!

Since she was picking up the birthday cupcakes, she decided to have a set of cupcakes for her favourite people at work, too!

Farm & Barnyard Animals

Given a free hand in designing this set of cupcakes, it was nice to get back into my creative-idling mode after a month-long hiatus. Requirements were simple: Cupcakes for children between the ages of 3 to 8 years old. So, we had...

2 dogs,...
2 field mice,..
2 cows,...
2 horses,...

2 pink pigs,...

2 bunny rabbits,...

2 sheeps and...
a chicken coop, a red tractor, an orange tree, golden hay stacks and vegetables.
This theme will look great on a whole cake and perfect for young children's birthdays. Much more appropriate than TV characters don't you think?? ;-)