T Scores a 9th Birthday!

Chelsea's Soccer & England's Rugby 2010 Home Jersey Cake

Soccer & Rugby Grass Pitch Cake

A very athletic laddie celebrated his 9th birthday last week and was in for a treat with two of his favourite sports (and teams) represented on his birthday cakes. The first was a half/half - 2010 Chelsea home jersey and England's rugby jersey. Mum wanted a 'cool' cake, so we had an electric blue zebra-striped butter cake for this. Over the weekend, birthday boy and his mates were in for another sporty treat with a vanilla cake with chocolate fudge filling. This time, we had a grass pitch (which looked way too healthy for both kinds of sport!) topped with mini cakes of a Gilbert England rugby ball, an old-fashioned soccer ball and a blue cap. I also thought I'd attempt to make a pair of Adidas boots complete with the 3 stripes and studs. Since there weren't anything obvious to represent Chelsea, I thought 'importing' Stamford (Chelsea's mascot) to the grass would do the trick! Think it did...
The boots

The cap


Top view of the 10", 3.8kg cake.

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