Birth Announcement

How about a box of 6 cupcakes to announce a new baby for family and friends? These cupcakes were designed for a dear friend's new baby boy and I thought it'll be nice to have the new Merican baby in a pea pod....

...sleeping snugly (and peacefully),

with blue onesies and yellow bibs,

a couple of Auntie Deenie's Bearhug Bears,...

...some peachy pacifiers (just in case..),

back-up 'da-da'...

and rattles to welcome him to the noisy world!

1 comment:

  1. The Merican and Faruqi families had such a thrill with these cupcakes. They tasted awesome and looked sooooo cute! Mirza had such fun giving them to the nurses. There were so many smiley nurses dropping by our room! And its all thanks to our very dear and talented friend Dee Nie! Thanks to u our hospital stay was very nice.