Fashionista Cupcakes

I'm no fashionista and believe me when I tell you that I haven't the faintest idea how a GUCCI or PRADA logo(type) looks like!! So you can imagine me cringe when my future sister-in-law asked for a set of cupcakes featuring such big names in fashion for her high-flying girlfriend's birthday... I'm anti-stereotype hence the wee bit of burlesqueness you see here. Working with mainly black and white against the ruby red backdrop, you'll notice: a face-stuffed-in-chocolate (don't we all..) character-a burlesque dancer, the classic Chanel red lipstick and white quilted clutch, a Lagerfeld LBD, a pair of GUCCI animal-print boots, a burlesque corset from Victoria's Secret (I had fun giving these boobies implants!), 'supposed-to-be' JackieO-like sunnies from PRADA (turned out looking like goggles) and the GUCCI paperbag (because I ran out of ideas). And of course, the candle had to sit somewhere and out came the 2-tier cake! Happy Birthday!

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