Fabric Loot Bags

In looking to reduce, recycle and reuse for my daughter's birthday party this year, I was inspired to giveaway earth-friendly loot bags. A quick survey in the market left me with little choice but to get my sewing machine out again. There were lots of plastic, cellophane, glossy paper and polyester loot bags. While these are reusable, they aren't bio-degradable (not even the glossy paper bag). Let's face it, they all will get "thrown away" at some point in time. While there isn't a place called "away", we know they pretty much end up in landfills. If they're going to be there, let them be at least bio-degradable. Yes, it's a very big goal but let's take a few small steps at a time. It's just about getting started.

Hence, fabric loot bags. They were a hit with those 10 children and the bags were being re-used almost instantly. What you see here is a simple shoulder tote for children - 12"(h) x9"(w) x1.5"(gusset) using a cheerfully-coloured 100% cotton fabric. The sides of the tote are reinforced (sewing) and machine-washable.

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