Mum-in-law's Hand Tote

My mum-in-law's always carrying a small paperbag instead of a handbag for her mahjong sessions, to the hairdresser or visits to the doctor! She says that it's inconspicious and wouldn't be a target for snatch thieves. Well, she has a good point but I still think it'll be nice if she'd carry this small inconspicious tote (size of her paperbag). I even made her a pocket inside for her reading glasses. Let's hope she'll like it. p/s: It's completely reversible, too!

1 comment:

  1. That is very thoughtful of you! Your MIL is lucky to have such a daughter in law. I love your totes! I love carrying totes...used to buy Flowerdrum totes from a friend here. They have lovely fabric patterns too. Eyepopping colours plus very earth friendly too. If my tote gets dirty, I just put it in the washing machine ;-) A lazy woman's guide to keeping fashionable, being green and still looking good haha.