Cars vs Transformers

You see, it's all been either or when it comes to themes but when you get a fan of both Cars and Transformers, you'd try to do something that can bring them together - A race! Both are completely different thematically and to have them "work", there weren't any other way but to put them in a race. I wasn't going to do any Transformers sugar figures or turn McQueen into one (I balk at those Star-Wars-Transformers toys they came up with...). So, I chose the Camaro-Bumblebee to go side by side with Ford GT40-Pontiac Firebird-Corvette-Lightning McQueen on the tracks....well, both my cars shape alike from using the same cake pan ;-p

Top view of the 2.5kg Vanilla Chocolate Chip cakes.
Lightning McQueen


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