70th Mahjong Treat

This mahjong cake was called for to celebrate a 70th birthday a weekend ago. The last time I did a similar cake was for my mum-in-law's 90th birthday in May and it was a huge hit. I had intended to do a full table this time round but the large party was scaled down at the request of the birthday boy so I had to reduce the size of the cake, too. I couldn't have done a "smaller table" because the mahjong tiles need to be actual-size for better effect. So, we had a 1/4 of a table. I also did away with the green felt and placed the layers of white mahjong "papers" to represent the majority of our home mahjong tables. The 13-tile winning combo is again featured here (I can't think of any better combo than this to wipe out everyone's winnings!) with the usual suspects - dices, chips and the directional token. This 10" Devil's Food Cake weighed 2.4kg.

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