Hip-Hop Breakdancer

This young man is a hip-hop breakdancer... I know hip-hop and I know breakdancing. But hip-hop brakdancing? I can only assume it means breakdancing to hip-hop music. Nevertheless, I Googled for a couple of pictures of hip-hop breakdancing and my jaw dropped. These kids can really do stuffs! I can't imagine the number of emergency room check-ins with the kind of the stunts they do! #mumspeak# Anyway, I had to decide which stunt was possible to work on using sugar with my limited skills and I chose a move that was kind of what they call a Jackhammer. To top it off, the birthday boy actually wanted a trampoline for his birthday but that wasn't possible with them living in a condo. So...he'll have to make do with brakdancing on a cake trampoline ;-)

This 8" round Vanilla Butter Cake weighed 1.5kg. Great size for a small party of 10.

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