Roller Disco

Another current tween/teen pastime that's caught me unaware- Roller Disco. I mean, I know they're quite popular in the US of A but here? I know there's an ice-skating rink in the mall and I know there used to be a roller-skating rink somewhere downtown but that was like 20 years ago. I'm guessing they're revived roller-skating and incorporated the disco theme, supposedly you can roller-dance better to Funky Town and Saturday Night Fever than a Bieber song? Nevertheless, despite my ignorance, I think Roller-Disco would be cool. I can just visualise us 'oldies' revisiting roller skating, bobbing to songs we're more than familiar with, embarassing the hell out of our kids and muttering under our breath "please don't fall, please don't fall" while trying to 'do our thang'? Hmm...I think I'll stick to the rink-side. I've got brittle bones.

It's a 9-year old's birthday with a small party of 20. So, I baked a 9" Lemon Poppyseed Cake (finished weighing 2.1kg) for the girls and covered it in bright pink. Next, I made an LP (for the young ones- LP stands for long-playing microgrove record, no cassettes or CDs in the early 70s) for the top of the cake and attached a pole for the disco ball. No, we cannot NOT have a mirrored disco ball for a disco party! Because it's a small-ish cake, I also did a couple of time-consuming cut-outs for the cake instead of many 3-D figures. A 70s roller-skating chick and silhouettes of boys and girls with afro hair, mini skirts and bell-bottoms doing disco moves. Made the birthday girl figurine as centre of attraction AND lots of edible disco dusts! p/s: After these pictures were taken, I realised that the name was spelled wrongly. Thank goodness it was just replacing one alphabet or I'll have to redo the whole disco pole!

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