10th Year Milestone?

I'm a historical saga buff and love the juicy bits that goes on behind the courts of King Henry or the drama during the War of the Roses. So, can you blame me for thinking of The Tower when I got the free reins (wohoo!!) to come up with a Chocolate Fudge Cake for a young squire turning 10 this week? Inspired by Debbie B (cake designer extrodinaire), I chose to do this as also a reminder to us mums that our boys are growing up and that we should start letting them out of our (tight) grip ..snif, snif... Do you know that by 10 during those days, boys would already know how to joust? And our 10 year olds can't even cross the road without us screaming "look left!! no! look right!!" Gosh...we mums.
This small chocolate cake with chocolate fudge filling came up to 1.8kg! That's a lot of fudge there...

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