Rocking into the 8th!!!

Hah!! Another "blank canvas" for me to play with! Well, partly blank-lah. Two weeks ago, the early-planning Claire's mummy ordered 40 cupcakes for her school celebration and hinted that she loves Taylor Swift. Great! Apart from guitars and some cool pairs of boots, I was thinking of ordering a couple of edible prints with Taylor Swift on it. So, it would have been pretty much a fan kinda bunch of cupcakes UNTIL....mummy checked with the birthday girl about highlighting Taylor Swift. The young lady said "NO! The boys may laugh at me!". So, mummy said to just do a simple music theme with notes etc. Yaaaawwn.....
Seriously, I didn't start thinking what "music theme" was going to be until a day before I had to bake those chocolate cupcakes. The best ideas seem to always pop into my head at the very last minute, very dangerous... Nevertheless, I like Taylor Swift. She's all-American pretty and writes some pretty good songs for the kids. How? Silhouettes, of course! And there we have it, the shadowy female guitarist(s) and her adoring fans...

And, an extra order of Lemon Poppyseed Cupcakes to go for the kind neighbour.

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