How To Train Your Dragon

Apparently this little laddie loves "How To Train Your Dragon"! Who doesn't? It's such a hilarious yet, heart-warming movie. Because this little man is only turning 1, I didn't really want to re-create the same dragons in the movie. Too dark coloured and very sharp teeth....nah. So I decided to make brightly-coloured baby dragons. I hadn't been able to really laugh the past week and these little fellas made me laugh. I had to give each and every one of them a character of its own and they turned out awfully cute. First, let me introduce....

the Dragon Hunter.

Then, we have a variety of the Chinese dragon,

...the little green baby dragon learning how to fly,


...forever-tail-hugging Dopey 2,

...the crumpled-horn dragon and

Mr.Identity Crisis.
Oh, I forgot to get a shot of the newly-hatched purple dragon with its pacifier! Never mind that, you can see it in the main photo above. I also had spotted dragon eggs on the rest of the Brownie Cupcakes - filled with assorted chocs. Happy Birthday Samer!

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