Digger & Ballerina

This little princess of an old friend requested for a "Digger & Ballerina" cake. Had her mum scratching her head on the relations of both but really, kids don't have explanations why they just love certain characters though they're unrelated. They just do! And I think this young lady is a very balanced girl to be indifferent towards stereotyping. I've never done an excavator before and had to choose one to model after. My daughter suggested the yellow excavator from Bob The Builder (it is Scoop, right? It's been too many years..). That was a brilliant idea and I'm pretty sure Rebecca will recognise this character since she's only 4. I was apprehensive as usual at modelling a known character. Flaws are highly noticeable. Nonetheless, held my breath throughout and I think it turned out beautifully. Next was the Ballerina. I wanted to do Wendy (also from Bob The Builder) dressed as a ballerina but decided not to do the blonde hair in the end. I wanted it localised a bit in case the birthday girl sees herself as the ballerina. This little 7" Butter Cake finished at 1.5kg. Yeah, the excavator added quite a bit of weight.

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