Alice In Wonderland

This little girl was born a year ago with little mini cupcakes I made to announce her birth. How time flies and today, she's celebrating her first birthday. Aunty Deenie is back to make her 1st birthday cake. Mummy's beautiful idea to hold a "Alis in Wonderland" tea party got me beaming from ear to ear. You wouldn't believe how much you can do with this theme. A theme that can result in a beautiful cake. One thing I was sure NOT going to do was to design it based on Tim Burton's version. That version would suit a grown-up theme party perfectly and not for a one year old. So, I chose the version I grew up with...the 50s Disney version.
I decided on the Mad Hatter taking centrestage on this cake and not Alice because no.1- Alis is to be the star of the party (not Alice) and no.2- it's a 3pm birthday tea party. It was only appropriate to feature the table with tea-time goodies...look closely and you'll see that I've made some lemon macarons as well!
Next, we have Lewis Carroll's Alice in her trademark blue dress, white pinafore, white stockings, black Mary Janes and the black ribbon to keep her hair up. Not the 19 year old... She's about the enter the tiny door.

Here's the White Rabbit in his waistcoat with the pocket watch (should have made that bigger) and his black umbrella which he carries with his all over the place. Can you almost hear him saying "I'm late, I'm late, For an important date!"? I put him near the royal garden because some say that he's late in announcing the queen's arrival there. Oh! The Cheshire Cat.. can't forget him can we?
This is the Queen of Hearts and not the Red Queen. She's a more regal queen and the differences are obvious. No tumour in the head of this one, too scary looking for kids don't you think? She is in her garden after the roses have been painted red by her two gardening playing cards. p/s: The Queen's skirt's cake.

Last but not least, the two fat twin brothers - Tweedledum and Tweedledee. Alice will meet these two fellas very soon and be caught in one of their many rhyming games! This version of the twins are based on the 1871 illustrations in Through The Looking-Glass. But I made them smile instead of the grumps they were.
This moist Lemon Poppyseed Cake finished weighing 3kg. Isn't a very big cake, mind you. Just enough for about 50 people if they can find their way to cutting up the cake....

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