Feliz cumpleaños de Pocoyo!

Like I tell my dear clients, always have a cake YOU fancy for the bambino's 1st birthday. Get as creative as you can for the 1st birthday because when he or she turns 2 and thereafter, you don't get a say! Like this 2-year old's love for Mickey and Pocoyo. I've said before...Mickey?? I'm pretty sure I can't get that right on 3-D. So, all the child will get from Aunty Deenie are the Mickey ears! ;-) But for Pocoyo and friends, well, I knew I could pull it off because they're anatomically made up of basic shapes.

These chocolate and butter cupcakes (highly recommended for children cakes) were covered in thin fondants so not to overdose them with sugar....yeah, 2-year olds, in my opinion, are still "below-the-age" limit for buttercream. Beauty of fondant is mummy can peel them off and spare herself from having children bouncing off the walls!

Back to Pocoyo. This Spanish series is a hit with toddlers as Dora was (and still is!). Something about the Spanish.... Anyway, I made the usual suspects from the series along with secondary characters like the hungry Butterfly, Music Flower, Pajarito (Baby Bird) in a nest on a tree and Valentina (yellow Caterpillar). And not forgetting Pocoyo's Vamoosh (submarine-like vehicle).

This is Elly, the pink elephant who loves making biscuits and tea (my alter ego!!?!).

Fussy Pato, the yellow duck and the always sleepy bird, Pajaroto.

Loula, the pet puppy.

And of course Pocoyo, the 4-year old boy full of curiosity and adventure.

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