Office Treat

MOTH : How about some cupcakes for the folks at work next week?
ME : Sure! How about trying out Lime Poppyseed Cake?
MOTH : Ok, need about 20.
ME : What design do you have in mind?
MOTH : Huh?
ME : You know...what motifs you want on the cupcakes?
MOTH : Just cake will do. Err...'Happy Birthday Reena'?
ME : How about a colleague's face per cupcake?
MOTH : Huh? No need lah, just want to eat cake.
ME : But it'll be so.....un-interesting! Ok, give me names and describe each of them.
MOTH : What?? I don't want to think. No need lah.
ME : But, but, but.... I want to try out my new silicone face mould!
MOTH : Aiyo... *shaking his head*

So, there you have it! Faces of his colleagues. He wasn't much help of course by only giving info like- he wears specs, she wears specs, he has crew cut, she has fringe, she has fringe, she has fringe, he wears specs, she wears tudung, she wears tudung....sigh. Anyway, cupcakes are on their way to work now. Let's hope everyone has a good laugh, gets a lighthearted start to their day and looks forward to a much-deserved long weekend.

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  1. Reena Abraham5/27/2010 11:49 AM

    Hey there....thank you so much for the wonderful office/birthday treat :-)!!!The cakes were yummy yummy yummy and the face mouldings put a smile on everyone's face :-)!!!!
    Again, thank u, thank u sooooooo much!!