Father's Day

Father's Day this year will be on June 20th (3rd Sunday of June). Been thinking of a design that'll accomodate all types of (Dad) jobs and hobbies - a shirt. Here, I've done a standard Dad "work uniform", a white long sleeve oxford shirt. This design can of course be altered if your dad is always in a stripes, blues, golf tees, plaids, polo tees or even a casual crew neck. Just MMS me a shot of his favourite (and always recognisable) shirt and I'll try my best to replicate it.

Now, the cake - It weighs an average 1 kg (in a 6" square), comfortably feeds a family of 4-6. Price is RM60 for the cake to be in either chocolate, vanilla butter or marble.

The Father's Day treat of course, is to have the cake in Guinness. Yes, THE Guinness Cake. It isn't overpowering for all to enjoy but enough to recognise its contribution in the cake. A very moist yet light cake. For this cake in Guinness, RM70.

Do place your order by the 8th of June so I can organise the ingredients. I'll be away till the 17th. Returning only in time to bake and decorate your cake. Pick up on Friday or Saturday.

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