1st Toy Blocks

This 2kg ensemble of banana and butter cake with chocolate fudge was themed after every 1-year old's first real toy - stacking blocks. It was such a joy to create this 2 nights ago (stayed up till 2am!) that I didn't feel tired at all! There's something about considering what a child of that age can relate to and trying to put all those thoughts into sugar creations. Things like a ball, teddy bear, yellow duck, the sun and the moon, all are things a 1-year old can recognise.

The blue block (butter cake with lots of fudge!) with motifs coming to life in 2-D.

The yellow and green blocks with 1-D motifs.

Rain and humidity played havoc to the stacked cakes. The originally-stiff fondant covering gave way and couldn't support the fine and moist banana cake! A little 101 on fondant, also known as sugar paste - this great modelling medium suffers when in rainy weather. Anything that stands will collapse, perky flower petals will wilt. It also cannot be refrigerated because moisture softens the shaped creations. Tough call when you want to create great-looking cakes!

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