Infinity and Beyond!!

Yes..beyond me. When I told the children I was going to bake and create a Buzz Lightyear cake, they ran to their bookshelves and brought me 2 Toy Story books. I never knew we had them. As excited as they were over me finally creating a Pixar/Disney character, I wasn't sharing the same excitement. And when I finished the cake last night, it affirmed my reluctance in going anywhere near syndicated characters with my icing. For one, this guy looks nothing like Buzz. I sculpted 3 heads and just couldn't get it! There's something about the original Buzz's expression that killed me. The rest of the body practically died on me when it was pouring yesterday and it couldn't "sit still" on the cake. And because of its weight and butt shifting, he totally wrecked my cake surface. I had to strip down everything and re-do!! I was totally bummed working on this cake.

I have so much more to learn when it comes to sculpting figures and I suppose, with me starting this with a fear didn't help at all.

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