Finally, I'm getting to sit down for a bit and update this blog! I know, I know...the earlier excuse was me having to lay low in accepting business so I can help Young Master prepare for his Primary 6 exams in September. Well, it's been 2.5 months and what have I been doing? Catching up with home chores, finish up sewing projects, cooking and baking up storms (you can the updates via Doing a Julie/Julia ...err, eventually ;-p). But most of all, spending time with my children. All these exam preps have turned me into a Cruella. In between it all, I did take a couple of orders..mostly regulars. Like this cake for example.
I've been fortunate enough to bake for Noah since his 1st birthday (Pocoyo ) through his 2nd (Toy Story) and now his 3rd. This very small 2-tier Chocolate Cake was a tricky one. Hotwheels' trademarks are the orange loops and the fire ring. I had to make them way in advance and thankfully, the weather was kind and the loops held up on their own. The plan was to use only one and have another loop in case one broke/collapsed. But since the whole cake construction went exceptionally well, I thought, "Why not? Let's use both!". Turned out to be a REAL Hotwheels cake (finished weighing 2kg). Mum also ordered 60 pieces of mini cupcakes to feed the small mouths in the party.

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