Adventure Time with Zayn

Zayn's mum:     Adventure Time with Finn & Jake, can?.
Me:                 What's that, ah?
Yes, another one of those Cartoon Network series which I have no idea of,  nor do I fancy even if I've seen it. For one, they're ugly. For some reason, Cartoon Network always show ugly (and irritating-sounding) cartoons. Seriously! Everytime I hear some high-pitched wail or annoying nasal drawl going on and on from the telly out in the hall, I discover that it's some ugly, mindless program from Cartoon Network like Phineas & Ferb, Oggy & the Cockroaches or something. Sponge Bob...Wallace & Gromit....uggghhh. They're all ugly! No one has so far managed to convince me anything good about these shows...bad grammar, unnecessary whining, speaking loudly or frantically all the time are just a few to name. The only shows I approve of from Cartoon Network for my kids to watch is Tom & Jerry. Period. Any maybe a couple of those Marvel cartoons. Otherwise, they get a wring on their ear from me.
So, back to the cake. It's pretty much a no brainer actually (duhh...) after looking it up online. There wasn't really a scene to work on except the feature has to be the yellow creature (dog/cat/mutant?) and the boy (what's with the bonnet??). I'm assuming Finn is the yellow blob with flaying legs and Jake's the boy with equally long, flaying arms and legs. I think the cake design did its job well because the young man loved it. Glad to be of service *snigger*  This Vanilla Chocolate Chip Cake finished weighing 2.6kg.

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