Magic Faraway Tree

This 3-tier whopper finished weighing 4.5kg! As you can see, it was a pretty elaborate cake...I was just impressed that the soft and moist Lemon Poppyseed Cake held up with all the fondant weight. It was a grand 1st birthday party for a pair of twins and their mum thought it will be fitting to go revisit her childhood author- Enid Blyton, for the party theme. Magic Faraway Tree cum Woodland Fairies (for guests not in the know, I presume). I had meant to simply cover the cake in pastel-coloured fondant, do a cut-out of a tree and have a couple of dainty, pastel coloured characters sitting on it...as one of the examples provided by the twins' mum. But as I was working on the key characters in this book, I realised that not only the pastel colours didn't make much sense with Moonface nor the Saucepan Man, the whole 3-tier cake in pastel green with a white cut-out tree would have Enid Blyton roll in her grave! Her writing had us making up vivid imaginations of how each character would look like and the book illustrations also gave us an insight to each character. I just couldn't do it the "modern" way!
So, I went back to the drawing book and redesigned the cake. This was the finished product. I basically replicated the giant treehouse complete with a door and the windows. The 3 main characters were Moonface on top of the cake, the Green Fairy (accompanied by another smallish one and an elf) and the Saucepan Man on the ground. I was happy with the design and I think it did justice to the grand Dame of children literature's creativity.

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