Plants vs Zombies

This order has been overdue like for 2 years! Ethan's aunt made the first inquiry 2 years ago for a cake but I was competely booked out, I think. And last year, we were away for vacation. This year, it coincided with our vacation again! I know, this happens a lot whenever it's school term break. We, too go away for holidays like all of you. And with school-going children, term breaks are the only time we get to travel a wee bit and for me to actually get some rest even if we're not on vacay. 
Nonetheless, we finally got to settle on the cake and the young man wanted one of Plants vs Zombies. I had to do all the tiny figures a week ahead and they're quite fiddly to do. Ethan's aunt was a great help though, providing me exactly what her nephew wanted on his cake with pictures. Least I didn't have to spend any time sitting in front of Google Search. I also made the house out of cake. Apparently, that is necessary to set the layout right for the actual game. Don't ask me what or how this game works because you'll get me started on questioning the relevance of zombies and plants??? Then again, games...sighhh. Anyway, I had my children tell me exactly where to put each character correctly (apparently they've only played it once or twice.....yeah, right). The cake looked pretty cool actually, very much like the actual game scene no? This Chocolate Cake was heavy though, with the house and load of figurines on it - 4.5kg. Well, cause and effect.

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